FBI looks at land near NJ landfill for Jimmy Hoffa's remains


Hi Mike Rossi a reporting the F. B. I. looks it landed near New Jersey landfill for Jimmy Hoffa's remains the FBI has searched an area near New Jersey landfill for the remains of former teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa a spokeswoman for the Detroit field office confirms FBI personnel conducted a survey underneath the Pulaski skyway in October Poffo was last seen July thirtieth nineteen seventy five when he went to meet with repeated Detroit mob enforcer Anthony Tony Jack your Cologne and alleged New Jersey mob figure after the Tony pro Provenzano at a restaurant in suburban Detroit the latest search was prompted by a published account from journalist Daniel day who spoke to the son of a landfill owner who said on his death bed his father revealed how Hoffa's body was buried in a steel drum about one hundred yards from the landfill hi Mike Rossio

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