Will America Return to the Fundamentals?


Boomer generation of which I am a member. Grew up in an America that was obviously had issues. No society in history has not had issues. I mean, obviously in the 60s, Kennedy assassination, the Vietnam War, by the end of the 60s, Martin Luther King assassination Robert Kennedy, what year was Robert Kennedy assassinated? Was he in the 60s as well? I think so. I mean, there were a lot of the watts riots. When would the watts riots also 60s? So believe me, they were issues. But the fundamental American society was holding very strong. And then gradually dissolved. Beginning with honoring of parents, don't trust anyone over 30, that was the motto of the dissolution of the traditional America. But gave people on the 2030s, 40s, 50s in the United States peace, for the most part. Not for everybody.

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