Sen. Ron Johnson: Doctors Are Vilified for Recommending Off-Label Drugs to Address COVID


It's just very sad But no there's been a complete denial of reality Can you take a look at our response to COVID and call the success 850,000 Americans dead either with or from COVID 5.5 million people globally At some point in time you got to sit back and go you know the COVID guides they have an exactly end of this pandemic Maybe we should have sought a second opinion And you're right by the way again I'm agnostic I remember deciding I mean there's a cornucopia full of drugs that can be used We have advanced medicine by off label use Doctors have every right To utilize their off labor prescription rates but they're being denied that right by the CDC the FDA the COVID guide And again I personally believe hundreds of thousands of people needlessly died because doctors weren't practicing medicine because this early treatment was being sabotaged by the COVID guys It is a scandal It is a travesty And you're right I mean I never came I came here because we're Morgan and our kids future But I did end up in a role of investigating the corruption in all these agencies and now my eyes are opened up in terms of the capture of these federal health agencies by big pharma The corruption of science the corruption of our medical establishment to medical journals It needs to be corrected for the future

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