Donald Trump, Ivanka and Don Jr. Must Testify in Letitia James' Probe


The New York attorney general has gotten court authority to depose former president Trump, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr.. Now the last two will be matter of fact. There's not that it's hell. The accountants withdrew their bank statements. If you think that the Trump kids or the president looked at the bank statements, okay, you can believe that. There's no evidence of that. I'm not sure what the book show, I don't know if they're cooked. I don't know if they borrowed money against fake assets. I don't know any of that stuff. Neither do you. All I know is I could prep Don Junior. I could prep Ivanka to do a deposition. I'm not even good at that, but I could do it. I could be the greatest lawyer in the world. I could be federal judge dick Leon, really one of the better litigators I ever saw work. I could be, I could be dick Hauser, but you'd have to get him off the golf course. And he doesn't do that anymore. Basically, at a restaurant, at home or in a golf course. And I get the best lawyer in the world. I get Stephen Larson in LA. That's the guy I'm calling whenever I get in trouble. And say, you've got to do depo prep with former president Trump.

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