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This is something that we're hoping for however, the problem. Is that right now? The system is based on age indicators, and we cannot go back to that system. We need to be dismantle some deconstruct that system and do a reset, and so, what does the reset really mean? What can it look to us and other advocates as well the reset look like a whole new system that is not based on age indicators. It should be based on readiness indicators, and so, what is your indicator writing? This indicator is based on whether the young person at this point of turning eighteen is ready to be independent and. And if they're not what are some indicators to show US up there being prepared to be able to go into the community, but himself to be independent and successful some indicators can be having a better social support system, and this is not just about the number of people around them. It's about the quality of people around them as well for ambitious young people for example one of the things that I've heard from indigenous young people to Pacific is that when they're in the child welfare system, they seldom are connected to elders who are able to provide elder ship and knowledge keepers and so. Our our and business young people connected before the age of as well Another thing is, have they been? You know assisted with documentation. That's important, not every young person within the child. welker system is a Canadian citizen, and we often forget that there are people without status in limbo status Reggie status, and so we do not want to cut off. From the child welfare system and happened goes to community without status. So how are we supporting people in terms of getting that documentation done? Using this as a moment, you see this as an opportunity, this is a crucial vital moment where we can really make impactful meaningful change and not just go back the system that was never working. This has been an ongoing issue. People have been homeless or aging out of the system I. Know People who have died aging out of the system. We need change right now, and we cannot afford to go back to a system in terms of. In terms of supporting young people Ontario's children. We need something different. We need something based on readiness and not age indicators, and we need something that really legislates and really incorporate kindness and quote. Unquote love what we're doing. When we treat people like family, we do not feel them. Through this moment it feels as though some things are being revealed, and we're learning about parts of society that perhaps people were not aware of or they took some of those systems for granted now whether it comes to income whether it comes to how we treat people who are temporary foreign workers, or who is in the child welfare system, and how they're treated as they age, this is one of those learning opportunities will see whether it seized upon China's good to speak with you about the thank you. Gift Is a child advocate. She's also co founder of the Interior. Children's advancement coalition and she was in Scarborough Ontario. For more CBC podcasts. Go to CBC DOT CA slash podcasts..

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