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And now you're here. Yes. Where's Jonas Jonas wasn't able to get away from his parents? It's just us. Oh, too bad. We could've used this help getting cross the island. Not really what do you mean? I mean, we're not here to go to prep with you. You're not now we're here to stop you from going, but I won the bet. And that's why we came tonight because a deal's a deal. But this is all wrong Mars wrong like veggies. Nachos wrong. What's wrong about trying to find the truth about where I am? And how I got here and how could trying to find catty be wrong because it's messing up here. Life marce. You have everything a great apartment could creates a successful. Mom, who loves you, a dad who's a world famous billionaire, and most importantly, you have us. What about where I came from? I know it was real. I saw droning. Let's go home ours. It's creepy here. It's starting to feel that way. What am I call your mom? No. I'm not going home. I'm going to prep. Where's the ferry? There's no very Marce. There never was one. Yes. There was it had a hologram Oliver Pruitt and let it go. There's ferry we can take a little both last time. I know you weren't there arose. But we borrowed this rowboat that was tied up. It's over Marce. This fantasy is over fantasy. That's the same word pick used. Can we leave Morris? It's really dark and I'm getting scared. You know, what guys are right? I'm sorry. I scared you pick since the code red. I've been all over the place, but I'm done. Really? Yeah. I won't pull you guys to any more of my fantasies. Let's all get our bikes net. Home finally making you lead the way JP what's the road. What are you doing stay away? You're making a mistake. I don't know what's gotten into you guys have to do. I have to find out the fruit and fine Coty. Would it hurt me? Right. Those are friends say look like my friends. They don't. Like my friends. His current going the wrong way. No motorboat. They're coming. KP? To help you. What did I believe come on faster faster? Don't make this on yourself. Leap be alot. Best friends. Let us hope stay away. Stay. Rony? What are you doing? What's going on this lace? Catty mars. Yes. Just caddy. I hear you. Best robot ever dot com. Ex-?.

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