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It's five thirty one this is chicago's very own seven twenty wgn still have you're in the opening bell the fab tech chicago conference is underway it is north america's largest metalforming fabricating a welding finishing event and we're gonna talk to one of the evac to participants are coming up and talk a little bit about the business of manufacturing but first decide for the news ended sponsored by helped me dot mega pros dot com adheres vic want they state president trump made reference steve chicago's murder rate today during a press conference in seoul south korea when asked by a reporter about whether he intended to seek tougher gun laws after the texas mass shooting president said chicago as some of the nation's toughest gun laws and then called chicago a disaster chicago archbishop cardinal blaze soup says joined in calls for gun control laws he says we need a ban on assault rifles similar to the one adopted during the reagan administration and if all vetos session begins today in springfield the house is expected to vote on a gun control measure house speaker mike mad against sexual harassment bill could also come to the floor in the senate could also override three bills that were voter vetoed rather by governor rauner we'll have more on the results tonight now wgn traffic here's mary van de velde selfstyle can area expressways no delays on the edens that were the kennedy eisenhower looks good heading outbound they'll watch for a new lane configuration at at the jane burn interchange the inbound side of the steven said about twenty from the tristate in bannon the rainy team from ninety five th the bishop ford is though in from about cottage grow 57 already building from one hundred anther thirdset clarion accident in north bracket dandy and fair lane for traffic on the sevens or any time ondemand get traffic she tackle at approved by team hack berg at.

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