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I'm Julian Rogers. Next reported, six await and breaking traffic alerts when they happened in the station, North Texas Count Charlie Weather Center forecast kind of what we saw the last couple of days. The next several days will feature below normal temperatures. Now it'll still be McGee. But here's the good news. We could even get some rain. I'm NBC five chief meteorologist Rate Mitchell tonight. Mostly cloudy, a chance for some showers or thunderstorms moving into North Texas late tonight. Alot of 77 tomorrow. Mostly cloudy, spotty, too Scattered showers and thunderstorms. A high of 91 normal highest 97 in fact, were the hottest time of the summer with respect to averages and will be that way up through August 17th Then tomorrow again scattered showers and storms 91 Wednesday. Partly cloudy A 20% chance for a shower high again in the low nineties. Mid nineties. On Thursday, partly cloudy another shower or storm chance Friday. It's about a 20% chance of high of 90 for the weekend looking dry. Partly to mostly sunny and highs in the low nineties. 92 degrees here. K R L D the STATION. North Texas counts on for news, traffic and WEATHER NEWS Radio 10 80 k. R. L D AM an HD FM HD to Dallas Fort Worth. Good evening, nor Texas six o'clock on this Monday. Hope he had a fabulous day in a great weekend. Glad you're here with us on the Carroll The afternoon news and Kristen Diaz with David rank and details coming up with traffic and weather together at six. So wait, But first, it's time for the CBS Evening News City. Asians..

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