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A arm young agreement in may on friday bring her annually mojo bringing in the morning they thanks for sticking around so based on leases description of you think your qualified to uh stay inherit for those 45 emissions and from what policy siming was describing they sounded pretty cool just go to nasa dot gov slash analogues slash hera that is the official hair to page and if you scroll to the bottom there's box that says want to participate and now you can see all the qualifications and how to apply and all that kind of stuff and be prepared for campaign five next year those fortyfive de missions that lisa was talking about and the new mission profile that they're going to be doing we also like to post about hair on social media on the nasa johnson space center accounts on facebook twitter instagram if you have a question about hair just use the hashtag nasa on any one of those platforms and ask a question about hair i will answer it otherwise if he ever idea for the show that you want us to do maybe you want us to do another episode on hera or on something else entirely make sure to mention its four houston we podcast and we'll make sure to answer for you or even do a whole episode on it so this podcast was recorded on november 16th 2017 thanks to alex berenson for producing the show and things again to miss lee suspense and dr paul hogan for coming on the show we'll be back next week.

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