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The end of a short track race in the blood pressure starts to go off not only among those battling at the front but how would teammates janet mcmurray and kyle larson not happy with each other their teammates all right so we'll follow up there as well pit roads going to be open this time i would have to guess the posted if you've got a good short run car you're okay with the caution flags because brand new tires could keep you out front yeah but what we have is we've got a bunch of cars that did the waiver on there so i think we're going to be busy down here but i don't know that it's going to be cars from the front of the field and as we say that comes all the leader so i'll totally kyle she rolls into his pit box going to be four tires looks like for kyle busch as he brings his eminem car in as well here's merola as well getting pit service here as cowboys wraps up his put service and yes indeed four times for kyle and other drivers in front of winston kelly and mark chew junior is going to be one of those he's going to get right tires going to be a four tire stop for him joy llegado in chase elliott it looks like everybody on this pit road is gonna come down don't see any of the leader stay stay in or staying out march true executing left side tires who was going to be first off looks like a little bit slow to stop he's gonna come out third behind kyle busch and denny hamlin alex team picks up three spots here on the pit lane with this pit stop four tires a quick splash of sonoko fuel that was the stop of the race from my sex in here in the middle of pit row denny hamlin's team getting the nod and getting the job done daddy hamlin a member of the coca cola racing family how about a shout out to them right now and to the professional tailgaters.

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