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Teams in this Steelers team, you know, with no lady on bell. And no Antonio Brown. This is oh this whole new deal. And and I would say, you know, especially for a forty Niner defense that struggled at times last year. It's it's nowhere near as scary deal. That's coming in. Well, we'll see how it shakes out but home. Yes, you said, of course in the division. You know, Arizona LA in Seattle. But then you've got at home Atlanta. Carolina. Baker mayfield's Browns Steelers. And as you said greenback. Reimburse road scheduled to me Willard, I think is interesting, obviously, the division games. And it's always tough to play in Seattle. But I don't think it's tough to play an LA Niners one. They're a couple years ago. Granted it was week seventeen. But I think you can win in LA it's on hostile you definitely win an air Zona. I think that they do play Tut to really tough road venues they play in the Superdome against the saints. You know, that's always tough. And then fall Baltimore. I dunno. Just seems mostly words Baltimore's much tougher at home than on the road play. The ravens in Baltimore this year. But no team has lost more. When you go back to free agency and whatnot of few weeks ago. I thought Baltimore really lost a lot. And I know they ended up getting Earl Thomas and whatnot. But that team is going to have to kinda redo itself. And I also think it the forty Niners defensively right now are preparing for life in a division with Russell Wilson and Kyla Murray. And if that's what you're preparing for then you're probably ready for the Mark Jackson too. And all teams are going to do I'm predicting a really bad year for the ravens this year. And the reason is is you're gonna have the game tape of what the chargers did to them during the playoffs last year. That was the. The first time somebody saw Lamar Jackson and the ravens for the second time. And you saw how I mean their offense barely moved the ball. Now. The chargers have a talented defense. I get that. But I think it's game tape time soft more year for Lamar Jackson. And I think he's going to struggle. We're going do are no stupid questions coming up in just a second. Of course may Oku is going to join us next hour as well. I believe twelve fifteen I said twelve thirty twelve fifteen mayo coz going to stop by. I really want to ask two questions to you. And to the audience in this next segment before we get to our no stupid questions on the forty Niners. Because to me, you know, it's interesting the forty Niners have every talks about all the pass rush. The pass rush defense the defense. And it's all true. They need to improve their secondary need to come up with the pass rush. But I was looking at some numbers last night the Niners last year finished dead last in red zone. Touchdown percentage. They are not a non fat. Factor offensively under Shanahan in the red zone. Two years ago. They went they were twenty-seventh in the NFL so twenty-seventh and then dead last thirty second in red zone. Touchdown percentage. It's hard to win and be a playoff team when you're horrendous in the red zone. So they're going to have to do something wide, receiver wise. I was reading an article about draft. Rumors, and what can be believed and there were two interesting ones on the raiders Niners the raider draft. Rumor was that the raiders are really high Dwayne Haskins and that the really high on Eljay, call your the TCU edge rusher, and they may go call your at the end around one. Despite a lot of people thinking these third round pick, and they may even trade up for Haskins. So we'll see may there's a lot. This is the lying season. That was the rate of rumor the nine a rumor was they're going wide receiver at thirty six. And I think that that's reasonable. I mean, they're entertaining wide receivers all week long deebo Samuel AG Brown. Akeem Butler, Nikiel hair. I I love AG Brown deebo. Samuel was great and mobile, I guess a keen Butler, though is just a freak. And I don't know how much you watch of Iowa State football yet. None not none. He's caught this guy on the bowl game. He almost two hundred yards. He had a one handed catch. They they against Washington state in the Alamo bowl. This is a six five two hundred and thirty pound wide receiver that runs four four eight like ten inch hands and thirty five inch arms. I mean that with thirty almost thirty six in charms this guy did almost twenty reps on the bench. So he's got tremendous spring. He's almost like a te'o type physical guy. But I'm just kinda wondering if you're a Niner fan. You know, who do you want wide, receiver wise? And then if I told you all Nieves aside if you can just have one player in this draft who's the best player who's going to go number one. Who's your who feels a certain need just looking back? We look back in this draft in a decade. Give me the one guy that if you were the very first pick in the draft. And you're starting to franchise you want in this draft. Would it be Cuyler Murray? Would it be Nick Bosa or you're going to order off the menu at all over Quinton Williams or Josh Allen or Devon wider somebody? I think it's pretty wide open. So I wanna get Willard's thoughts on that. And then of course, we're gonna talk a little bit with me Oko coming up in a bit about, you know, what's going on with the with the forty Niners at the local pro day, and some interesting names, we'll review some of the names down in Santa Clara today. All right. We'll take time out right here. We've come back with more on these sports leader. It is time for traffic,.

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