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West medical dot com Feel incredible because I called 100 West Medical. Okay, if I'm Any report presented by Bay Alarm Dow Closed up 1 85 s and P Closed up 41 NASDAQ closed up 1 56 gold is an 18 17 and ounce oil is at 44 06 a barrel Ko Phi Money report is brought to you by bail are because of your security is not the best you're not secure. Visit bail arm dot com to get protected Today temperatures lower Wednesday and our gentle dry offshore breeze turns into a strong Santa Ana wind tomorrow night. Red flag warning starts late Wednesday and last through Saturday. The wind school is awful little with lower and mid seventies expected tomorrow. Anthony Honest NBC for Right now, it's 59 a Newport Beach, 63. Orange in Culver City and 68 in Sherman Oaks. We lead local live from the cave by 24 Hour news room. I'm Gina Graft over, Okay, If I am 6 40 it is the Conway show. And we're live here on a Wednesday hunker way. Have some brands. Not today. It's not Wednesday. I'm just kidding. It's Tuesday. Ladies and gentlemen, Mark Thompson. Thank you very much. I was a bit panicked. To be perfectly honest. I felt, huh? Okay. Not that you would be that out of it, but it's not inconceivable. It's not intentional. That's what it's yellowing it take you to jump in and go or, you know, I expected you to do just to hang up in escape. That would have been a woman. The balls he called, wouldn't.

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