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Yes those are merely a means to an end. This is about getting you capable to do the things you care about in your life episode eighteen just dropped and we talk about nutritional supplements. Do we really need them. which are really even worthwhile and candidly? We're not selling any folks. Were just giving guidance in this show so find the true light show wherever you get podcasts. And let's get you functioning at a higher level a number of years ago just outside of Boston Massachusetts uses a mental institution which for its name was well advanced but even though this one was I I hit most in the country. Bay still had a done John downstairs were they put the ones for which there was no hope the hand little girl named any little Annie and Liliana had those tremendous mood swings one day he was kind and loving and gentle and another day. Hey became almost a little animal. And she was just absolutely impossible to predict they headed down in the dungeon. That was an elderly nurse. There who was nearing age of retirement and for whatever reason she started every day going down there and having our lunch just outside of the cage where little any was being housed and see when necessarily talk to her she might speak might say a few things but she was just there every day in our own way commuting her. You are a human being. I I do love you. I have an interest in you. One day he took some Brown is and put them just inside and little anti ignored them but the next next day she noticed that the Brown is were gone. The next Thursday she took some more Brown and the process goes on. Well the doctors there or notice that there was improvement in little anti they decided they would move up and put her in the treatment process later. Are they pronounced her. Will they said you can leave now. Yeah you're okay you could Fox and society I said No. You're not commit so much to me. It has given my life back. I would like to stick around for at least a few years and pay bag by doing some things for some other other people. Many many years later when Helen Keller received England's highest recognition for a foreigner Queen Victoria asked her to home on. What do you attribute your remarkable success in life with all of the handicaps? All of the thing you're done without any hesitation. Helen Keller said had it not been for and Sullivan Yvonne. Little Annie. This would not have happened in relationship building. You get never know how far it's going to go. Well Tom the message from Your Father Zig there about Helen Keller Curse is tremendous. I think most people who have listened to this show who have listened to or read from from Zig from you know I know about his wall of fame which I got to see in man- whatever year that was not thinking it might be two thousand twelve or so something like like that. Maybe maybe it wasn't. Maybe it was that long ago to fourteen. When does he pass away? What Year two thousand twelve? I think you came to the offices around two thousand on ten. Maybe so okay maybe and I. I saw that. It was different offices in what you guys have now but you walk in and boom right there on the left is the wall affair. That's where we stopped I. I was with Chuck Bowen. and Dave Munson and we came to see you and your dad and saw that welfare was how many people were on their listed on there. The Wall of gratitude I think has twenty six or twenty eight. Obviously just the powerful message. The people who made an impact in his life and I thought I. I've never gone to that length. I should think about the people who made an impact in my life and some of those asked that question here and you hear a lot about long-term stuff. There were some people that had a significant impact on my life that was not it a long term a long term relationship surly. It wasn't a decade of time that they spent with me walking with me. It might've been a year three years. There's some people who were just a part of my life for a relatively short period. Time made a big impact that I would put on that wall because they changed the trajectory of my life. That's that's one where it I think if we take take into account who has impacted that would expound on that and the question here but as we all think about this may be one of the best things that we can get out of this as a stop and think about who made a positive impact on my life though my concern with that is that people will ask that question themselves and realize they have not had any and that's a difficult place to be in a new seen people in that place. It's hard not to be sad and a bit bitter about that reality. Yeah you know I look at my own life and cash. There were people who had a profound impact on my life. Maybe even just for a moment moment right just that one idea that one thought. I think one of the things that the dad did that was different is he basically. He created a gratitude list and started thinking of all the people who made an impact of his life. And that's how the wall of gratitude really really really kicked off and he was like the big thing recommended everybody to do that. Always smile when I say it but he would say yeah you know if you ever see Turtle on a fence post you know it had helped church in and that's that's where that comes from. You know something else. That's interesting is a lot of times when we're getting the help We don't even realize it and sometimes like like dad later in his life he would he would talk about the the wall of gratitude when people would come in and then even say I didn't even like two of those people up there but that's an interesting. That's an inch. Well you know what a keep that in mind because one of the ones we're GONNA get to probably really not along those lines but that's one where I'm sure. Somebody had a positive impact even though it wasn't his favorite person but we have a really harsh look at that at that aspect here coming up. Let's just dive into some. It'll bring up. I think some good points Marty Miller creed. Well that Miller in there air is. That's my aunt and she said my sister olive is you had the biggest impact on her which is interesting because my guesses. This is her sister olive my aunt all of boy. She's been passed away for twenty years or more. I think this a long time ago but Marty says she was my mentor mentor. A beautiful example of a Godly woman. Even when battling cancer she encouraged others and always pointed them to Christ She shared her life. And I ask how specifically did she mentor mentor you. She shared her life experiences with me so I could learn from her. She provided guidance motivation and most of All unconditional love. That's a family member. How many people have a spouse or a family member again? I'm afraid there's a lot that don't but some that that I do But sharing life and we hear that Tom I hear that especially. In relation to parents the value of when the apparent I think authentically and with humility shares their life with their child the power of that. I got to see that I was an only child for the first or seven years of my life and then even as time went on you know so even into my tens and beyond my my brothers sisters were very young so I still got. My parents adult attention more they were they were so one of my biggest places of gratitude with them as they let me be privy to their conversations to their conversations with other adults but even my mom and dad just the issues that they were going through and I was well aware of the the successes and the trials I knew when finances were bad I knew when they had to sell stuff whether it was a house or a car or whatever just to not go bankrupt I knew that and I anew and things were well and they share those remember mom crying you know when this was hard I remember dad being stressed and being worked on and I'm so grateful they did not shield me from that that they shared their life experience it made trial and risk and things like that for me I voted I got I got faith handed to on a silver platter and so it was no big deal to go out and try something and fail we talk about that so long but most of us have never witnessed that our parents either didn't try much or they shielded us. I thought they were doing good. I taken that into my life to our main. I don't my kids know what's going on and for better and worse but I think mostly mostly it's for better sharing the life experience and I know you get to do that. Not only with your family Tom. But with a lot of people the folks that you coach consult speak to and That probably teaches as much as our message. When you think absolutely I was I'm working with a couple in in legacy coaching right now. All in the the the the man is very very successful. And so we were Kinda digging in and it was one of the first sessions that we we had and I said well you know what is it that gives you this grit this resiliency. 'cause he's that's a family that word. They've claimed his resilience you as you know. And he said well when I was growing up My Dad's just been a fantastic role model and business owner and he came across a really hard time and some things went against them and they ended up basically having to start over and he says they you are packing up the house. They've sold the house. They got one car left. They're moving out and he's any says something like Dad. What are we going to do now? And he said he said my dad looked at me and he said son this is what I know. They're trillions of dollars of business out there and we've just got to go get a little piece of that we're going to be okay and it shaped his whole life. It's like regardless of the obstacle or the the situation. He knows that if he is resilient if he's got the grit right if he just keeps that thing and to me. That's like like a that's A. That's a turning point moment for anybody in a family because life is real and it's not all you know it's not all you know great stuff happened all all the time and his dad could have sent any message at that point. Yeah right but that was the one that he said. And that's what shaped that family. Just an amazing mazing story and I think that obviously it matters what your spirit is along with that. And that's what I that's what influenced me the most I I think is even I got to see these hardships going and not that. It didn't stress them out. They weren't Pollyanna or just on the rock of faith the whole time but at the end of the day. We're going to have dinner..

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