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A Leah's. DS. Onto on Diaz burn sets kicks and throws struck him out, swinging nasty slider down in a way out. Number two, the first and third sliders of that sequence were absolutely filthy. So the brewers have a four two lead. There's two outs there's two runners on sue Kevin Newman comes to the plate. You have the time run on the basis. And Kevin Newman represents the winning run facing off against Corbin burns and burns hasn't been his hip pocket. Trying to finish this game off for Zach Davies who went eight, plus two on two out, one to pitch from Corbin burns on its way, little ground ball hit two second. Here has got it flips to arsia. They force out Frazier, and that's the ballgame four to the final score. And the brewers come to Pittsburgh and take three of four from the pirates with the wind. The brewers are thirty four. Twenty six game and a half clear of the cubs and the central the pirates dropped to twenty eight and thirty winning totals for the brewers. Four runs nine hits three years. And they leave six for Pittsburgh two runs eight hits nowheres. They leave. Eight winning pitcher, Zak ABC six no losing pitcher. Jordan Lyles, he drops to five and three Corbin burns, gets the save his first with that savory max donates, another two hundred fifty dollars to children's miracle network Remax and children's miracle network. A winning team home runs in the game. Eric Fame's hits his seventh, and that is it the game a tidy two hours and forty one minutes after playing about five and a half hour yesterday. It's played in front of nineteen thousand four hundred and forty-two folks at PNC park brewers. Get the win over Pittsburgh. Final score for two will preview the upcoming series against the Marlins, and we'll get you ready for an off day. That's all coming. Up next, plus, our who's hot who's not that's next. This is brewers extra innings WTMJ, the eighth annual Wisconsin sports awards are.

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