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The crew reported a possible fire in the cargo hold upon landing passengers evacuated the plane by slides on the runway. In Venezuela opposition protesters confronted security forces on a main avenue in Caracas demonstrating against the government of President Nicolas Maduro as well as a nationwide blackout which they blame on him opposition leader, one Guido is trying to unseat Madero and has the support of the US and fifty other nations. Arizona Republican Senator Martha mcsally stunning. Fellow lawmakers this week saying she had been raped while in the military. But as we hear from FOX's Joe NATO. It doesn't look like her charge will be investigated. Senator Martha mcsally the first American woman to fly in combat was at a congressional hearing about sexual assault in the military when she said, I am also a military sexual assault survivor. But unlike so many brave survivors, I didn't report being sexually assaulted. She said she kept quiet about the attack because she didn't trust the system. Now, the air force says the Senator has no desire to participate in an investigation. But the military branch will remain ready to investigate if the senators desire changes, the New York Times says the attack could have happened when there was still a statute of limitations on rape claims and time may have run out in Washington. Jill NATO, Fox News any Bala treatment center in the eastern Congo's been attacked for the second time in two months. One police officer killed dozens of armed groups are active in the Congo..

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