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News live and local last two o'clock. I'm rob Marinko LA's road diet east. Traffic congestion isn't just screwing up traffic jams. Some areas of the city. John Russo says Twenty-one businesses in the Venice area have closed and city hall is ignoring the problem. We've got is your response from like bond, and we had to respond to America, and they just continue to ignore anyone who disagrees with them. Exactly. Like, they're doing with the bridge housing topic down there in Venice Russo was a guest on McIntyre in the morning on leeann tweeden KABC news, California, must consider parole for some four thousand inmates who were sentenced to life in prison under the state's three strikes law. Our Jim Roope reports an appeals court ruled that California cannot exclude so called third strikers because of voter approved ballot initiative says all inmates serving life sentences for non violent crime convictions should be considered for parole. California prisons are unconstitutionally overcrowded, Michael Romano, director of the. Three-strikes project at Stanford law school says the law intended to reduce prison. Overcrowding follows the intent of voters and concerns that violent criminals who were sentenced under nonviolent convictions might be let out of prison are alleviated by the fact that a parole board still has the right to refuse parole. Jim Roope, Los Angeles, a pro-government. Turkish newspaper says surveillance video images showing a manual previously traveled with crown prince Mohammad bin Salman, entourage to the US. It shows them walking into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul Turkey before writer, dramatic Shoghi vanished. There the suburban newspapers report on Thursday shows. The man also later outside the Saudi council general's home checking up to the Turkish hotel and leaving Turkey on October second. Well, Facebook has a new war room. They call it to combat fake accounts in bogus news stories. It's the social networks latest public signal that it takes election interference seriously ahead of the midterms. But critics fear the. War room is more of a publicity stunt than an effective solution. Well, can a burger give you nightmares. Correspondent TJ Katini takes a bite out of this all important question. Just in time for Halloween. Green hamburger bacon. Chicken Burger King is out with what they call the nightmare king which features a green bond and a promise that it can actually cause nightmares impact on C. Based on all the different proteins in there. That's Dr Gabriel Medina some knowledge about the company enlisted test. The claim they tested one hundred people over ten nights asking them to eat the nightmare king before going to sleep. It wouldn't be out of this world experience something vivid in their sleep turns out, the king was right because of a cheese and protein combination disrupting rent cycles, doctor Medina concluded the chances of having a nightmare increased by three point five times after eating the nightmare kings. We ninety jae-koo teeny. What.

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