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According to a press release the upcoming season already has an exciting line-up who homes will be seeing. Well i just want to say before that. I think this is so great. Think it took them like a little too long with the advent of the youtube home tour and how popular they are like. Chris could've been cashing in on this for the last ten years. Yes and i'm pretty sure like a year ago. We announced cribs because zach and then you said that and now i did. Yeah you said like. They're behind like youtube home. Scores of everyone's house. I will watch youtube tour of literally any rich person like it's so fascinating it really is so here is who's on the season so far and i parcels on it than i don't wanna not even close i ashley simpson and evan ross. Didn't they have a reality show. So don't we know what their house looks like and also onto now look not to be mean who cares agreed. I think. Hollywood like really into stop trying to make like ashlee simpson and evan. A couple happened like we got their reality show. It got cancelled. We're not interested in things. you know. Big sean christian syria. Now cool johnny weir josie wa. Yes even though like tornado like we know every single credibly youtuber like comes in and films her house and she did a full-fledged tour yeah jordan woods kathy griffin marseille martin kathy griffin will be interesting. She's actually a rich celebrity. Yeah martha stewart fabulous next young nico tortorella nick young. Does he play for the lakers. I think so. Wow look they call him swaggie. If i'm whoa yet they do call him. Baggy iggy ilia. He's like a really good basketball players so he's definitely like rich and a nice house love to see it snooky rick. Ross slinky's interesting. Yeah yeah. I mean i'm ryan locked e scott disick. Tmre tanaka shade tj labban and others. Not bad not great. I also think first of all. I was in charge of the cribs franchise. I would do multiple digital series on like snapchat timing because i really wanna see inside parcels house like i think influencers people are obsessed with influencers home tour like people from the bachelor like reality star was generally. Give you home tour. No everyone from the bachelor has a home tour and youtube. I would just really like for them to not do it. Exclusively in la like one of my favorite Cribs carries penthouse in the city. Like yeah it's interesting. Of course big houses in la layer cool. But i'd like to see a ranch in wyoming penthouse in manhattan. Yeah a sick condo. Beachfront in miami like i really want to see a national cribs so i hope that they do that. I don't know if all those people live in. La a lot of them do. I don't know either maybe just for the first season. 'cause obviously probably during covid up to one place. I feel like the catholic bad. It's not great though. And if you think about who used to be on cribs like this is a stepped down. Right harry reich harry simon cowell fifty cents hugh hefner scooped. Snoop dogg ozzy. And sharon osbourne. Tony hawk like they and they needed like three marquee. People like market this around like they needed mar martha stewart could have been one of those people. Yeah but at least there's like buried her in there yeah. I don't think there's two other people who are big enough names like martha stewart. They needed kardashian. Sorry yeah and they needed like someone huge in sports like or whatever..

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