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In johnson even you know so i think the the die hard golfing no patrick read and and i'm sure there are some patrick read fans out there but it is it's one of those wins where i it's great for the player but it's kind of tough to you know put a value on on what's gonna do for golf as a whole we have jonathan wolf joining us on the show you broke up there for a little bit so hopefully we'll be able to give the entire interview in here jonathan i'm reading a little bit you know we've had a couple of callers tonight who you know i'm not the biggest patrick read fan maybe he's a little bit more of a he'll to some of the fans out there why might that be because i mean we'd like to put personality on things so is there something here we're maybe it's above a watson and might rub some people the wrong way now for sure it definitely is you know hatrick is one of those guys where he does he has he has a little bit of a checkered path you know they've they've done stories on him before about issues that he had when he was at georgia you know people know him from when he was at augusta state university won a couple of national championships with them but before that he was at georgia teammates accused him of cheating they in qualifying tournaments accused him of stealing you know he does he's got a pretty dark past a lot of guys even players and now the pga tour who played golf with him at georgia you know they they really don't take to him so he is he's a guy who's got a checkered past i feel like he's probably one of the most poll the rising players on the pga tour either loved the guy or you hate him and and i think that's why you know he wins a baiter and it's kind of a big deal for patrick read but again i think that's maybe why he's kind of getting a little bit of a.

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