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Who's get in the most at of their fly balls and if you sort this in descending order them aaron judge of courses at the top with a home run rate twenty eight percentage points better than his pop up rate in second place dimicco santana thirdplace ryan howard fourthplace kion braxton not pop up hitter not much of a hitter but much of a pop up at her anyway if you sort in the other direction billy burns fourthworst he's got a difference of negative nineteen point two percentage points the name in front of them johnny cueto name front of cueto kyle loesch two pitchers and at last first place or realistically lastplace with a difference of twenty four point eight percentage points do you have any guesses no old friend diletti harris well handling errors thirty point three percent pop ups five point five percent home runs difference of about twenty five percentage points lenny harris the worst hitter since two thousand two by this metric he was a grantable hitter with no power also speed poor lenny harris that just a million popups just countless infinite pop up so billy burns a fast lenny harris but now currently looking for a job well any he harassed by that point was in his late thirties or forty so somewhat more understandable whereas billy burns is not and yet at often pop up rate like if someone is mysteriously bad like they just have a really low babbitt per they're just a bad hitter in it seems like they should be better because they put the ball in play a ladder something look at their pop up rate because sip there are some guys who can of has these hidden hype.

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