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He's he's cabin bryan bryan over nick. God annoying these people. What's the smallest item that you regularly toss that. I was like what's that small like. Maybe it was that a good question. No what i screwed it up. What's the largest thing you regularly tossing. It wouldn't make sense for you to toss small things throw. I imagine you're just throwing you're always showing off like you pick up a an empty propane tank. Just toss it around all yet clause tattooed on your hands. What's going on there. Oh these multi rats statues. Oh actually. oh wow. Those fingers are impressive. My friend thank you. Thank you very well. Yeah you should never get another tattoo because that being those being you're only two is just like so bad ass is like those as what i've been told you go full lizard man t rex and start getting the things implanted on your head and transform your body into that of t. rex short. Your arms may be no good idea. No would affect his day job. Yeah would for the world's strongest man. Competition is coming up. June the fifteenth to the twentieth twenty. Five of the world's top strongmen are slated to face off in an epic series events in sacramento including the first ever titans turntable where athletes will push an antique locomotive fees. Evan singleton has joined us. Evan very much appreciate the time. Thank you very much guys. Good promo read there now. I appreciate it. And then roy did.

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