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Down. down. down. down. Well there's a lot more in that. Maybe for a later date, but we need to could we actually in assange could use? Breaking News on Steve Bannon indicted. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. What happened I know it's you've had all of five seconds to digest this What's going on here I'm GonNa, explain exactly what happened which is bizarre in the extreme I will tell you other than the general environment of of gripped and graft right both senses of of those words that was created by Donald Trump's draining the swamp and In particular taking advantage of the stupidest segment of trump donors. This has nothing to do with the president of the United States other than again the President United States. To to run his campaign so Yeah. So Steve Bannon was indicted along with three other individuals today. For, on one count of wire fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, which we're going to get into that the individuals are Brian Co Fay Jr, who is a triple amputee and big time trump supporter. Andrew bottle auto somebody that we know nothing about and. When I first saw this I cannot tell you. Another criminal named Timothy Shay. Not the Tim Shea who was at the Department of Justice who signed off on. The Forty Eight motion to dismiss Michael Flynn but a different tim? Show. Tracking that down was fun this morning. This is I I to be super clear about this at the top. This is a federal indictment coming out of the United States just record for the southern district of New York and the grand jury impaneled in that court and the US Attorney's Office for the Southern District of new. York. And you might say wait isn't that the Department of Justice don't they report to Attorney General Bill Bar the answer to that is yes. So these are federal crimes they are crimes for which the President May. Eventually Pardon Steve, Bannon? Wow. But really I don't know yet who knows right because the the very first question I asked and I asked a lot of people. This was how the hell did this get passed bill bar I mean we just talked about in the last segment, how Bill Bar managed to make criminal referrals of Donald Trump junior and that gang which included Steve Bannon go away I mean, let's not let's not let this be unsaid. Effectively just letting crime be okay for a bunch of people nice. Yes had, and again, if you WANNA stealing the other side prosecutorial discretion is is part of the job. I don't think anybody could fairly say that bill bar is doing that In, line with typical standard, which by the way are set forth in considerable detail in the DOJ manual right like you are directed not to prosecute a case when right prosecution would take tremendous resources and you don't have a good shot of winning and all, and it is clear that what bill bar is doing is putting his thumb on the scale of justice in favor of Donald Trump's friends and family members. So So why not here? The, best answer I got was from our good buddy Randall Eliason who says two possibilities. One is at the southern district just brought the case without notifying the main department. Of Justice, he says that's probably unlikely. But I would add that one of the things that would tend to corroborate that is that the press release surrounding the indictment makes it clear that The arrests, the unsealing of the indictment and the investigation were all conducted without notifying the FBI in fact, the press release. Thanks The New York. Field Office of the United States postal inspection service right because again, this wire fraud. So it technically, which is using the males so you could technically use. The Postal Inspection Service to facilitate the arrest and That gives rise to an inference that maybe this was not signed off on this. Oh. Greg. that. The Post. Office is going to become like the heroes of law and order that we needed like gate is that not amazing It is it is truly delightful back the blue everybody SDN. SDS back pack the blue, the post office. Yeah. Sdn Y. Go and Roque I'm going to quote from Professor Allies and again second is that even bars only willing to go so far he tried to put his own guy in place and that and that you may remember when Donald Trump first announced that he was firing Jeffrey Berman, the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York by the way Republican right but the speculation was at the time. Berman had conducted had opened several investigations into Rudy Giuliani and his associates, and so this was clearly viewed as retaliation and Berman said nope. You can't fire me because trump had said I'm going to fire him and I'm going to replace him with Jay Clayton the head of the SEC and somebody who is not qualified to run the the southern district of New York and and fro someone whom we can infer is a trump toady. Then bill bar actually had to walk that back and said okay. If you resign will allow the next senior person who is Audrey Strauss to become acting us attorney for the southern district of new. York. Until we can confirm somebody through the Senate. That's what happened in Burma said Okay I. Agree I. Have talked to several prosecutors in the Department of Justice who obviously. Need to remain anonymous and they. They've all told me the same story, which is a tremendously good things about Audrey Strauss. So Berman said, Hey I'll let you push me out. But only if you let Strauss takeover and and ultimately they did I guess hoping that that might take some of the wind out of the sales of some of the stuff that Berman was doing and and so it may be that having failed to do that. That, they'll bar was kind of unwilling to try and take a third bite at the apple. Professionalize goes on to say it's a far different and more difficult thing to kill a prosecution being recommended by an independent career. US. Attorney word would get out and the consequences would probably be worse for trump than the indictment so. There you go. That's the That's the the the inside political potential mackin. Now what did Steve Bannon and do? This is delightful. The four Amigos here. Wolf. Age bannon battle Lotto and Tim Shea. Got Together, to start a crowdfunding campaign right and that was called, we build.

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