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Kennel master Roberto, arsia from the, Pensacola naval air station and we're talking today about the dogs that that he. Works with and trains, and before the break you mentioned that you start doing advanced training with the. Dogs when they arrive so about how? Long is that process can you share with us what you can tell us about. The, advanced. Training or yes ma'am so every day we work towards. The advancing the dog so every single day we, train with, the bombs they get they get their couple of days off throughout the week the for the most part every day we work on pretty much playing hide and seek when it comes, to detection and we'll we'll hide what they need to find will go, through either building warehouse a, barracks in open area and we'll try to hide. It from the dog so we try to To make each training evolution more, difficult the harder they're able to find it doing training the better, they're going to, be well we actually have to deploy the dogs out there to find yeah. And how are the, dogs deployed though in regards to deployed overseas to we get a message requesting. Specific type of dogs and what we? Do is we prepare get noticed in advance a we'll have an advance notice and. Then, we'll. Prepare for that training depending on the area we're going. Whether it's you know Middle East South America whatever, the case, may be we'll go ahead and conduct training to prepare for that specific mission that comes around and so do you guys go as a team or is I guess it just depends, on what the request as yeah so for the most part deployment will, go as a team and, then if we're talking about just a day to. Day operations yeah NASA Polo again same thing one handler of the, handed the dog team will always work, together you you'll never see for instance you'll never see me. Working. Someone else's dog while day-to-day operations yeah, and I was just curious about, that about if you're you have a request to. Be deployed if the dogs do they interact with each other like, do they work as a team with the dogs are they just really focused on their handler so, we'll let, the dog, mingle with, each other, there's never any contact but. We do work around dogs so for instance we generally keep about fifteen twenty foot. Distance between dogs and we'll train together whether you know obedience detection of troll in that aspect that we won't we'll. Never. Look dogs interact with each other directly I wondered about that, if they got to play together anything so when you travel with. Your, dog I guess you're doing all of that you're flying on. Military planes do you ever travel on commercial airlines. With your dog from time to time we do but you. Know that's it depends on a mission On really that's what dictates, how we travel yeah and when you travel I was just talking? With a trainer yesterday actually and we were talking about they had seen? Military. Dog traveling in a US airport and I was. Just wondering, do you have to ask you do that, when you, travel commercially does the dog fly in the plane with. You or what's the protocol, yes the dog would. Fly in a, plane with, us and basically what were you know we're throughout the airport you. Know dogs will be muzzled because these dogs are trained there some muscle dive attorney. Attack you know patrol is so, we always, you know, safety is, always paramount whenever, we're out, in public with the dog so we, have a, muzzled and they can find, a plane, with us..

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