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So excited so many individual talks to katie matt coming oh yes yes talk james randi is going to be to be hanging with us special guys know wanna meet randy you wanna talk to them you want him to sign something you have a question you've always wanted to ask them you gotta come to nexus we also don't forget our keynote speaker jennifer let she's awesome we just interviewed her to episodes go if you're interested but it's that early bird special june fifteenth you've gotta get in before then reason not to evan you promised anyone that buys the early bird tickets you were gonna make them dinner or something right i did i made an offer through my facebook and i'll make the opera here as well first time attendees to nexus star tenth anniversary so white he hadn't been now's the perfect time to go first time attendees come and find me i have something special for you know what it is but comes come see me because i have something for you kinda show up you got to be there to get it so you could go to nexus and e c s s dot org for all the details so keira yes what am i going to ask you what's the word what's the word we're okay so this word it it gets dp all this is one of those words if you want if you wanna sound smarter than you are you throw this word out there still to this day don't fully understand it which is why i thought it would be important to do this as a what's the word so see guys i'm back in school i've been gone for ten years started a new phd.

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