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And what you thought of it at the time, and how it affected what you were doing in your own career. Well, it's funny because I saw the explosion happened. But you know, I had had already had a finger on that polce from buying those records and knowing those records, and being you know, there was there was EDM before EDM, and for most people that don't know that it's like there are plenty of great things if. You're listening to chemical brothers eighth X twin fuck, and you know, Anthony, Roth all these things that were like pre you know, what I mean. I don't actually know like were you into all of this? I was so inspired by these guys like pushing the boundaries then because you gotta understand I jumped on board with electronic music at craftwork. Okay. You know what? I mean. I was like once I heard people making beats without sampling bass heavy fucking base. And this I was like, yo what the fuck is that? So I was always trying to find people who are pushing the boundaries, and that sort of, you know, clearly opened up the door to Detroit techno, and that sound, you know, clear cyber trying all these, you know, records that were were, you know, very based in futuristic sounds fo- coders weird things. So it's so interesting man, just a quick aside. I had Kevin Saunderson on Joe. And you what you're saying is exactly what he was saying talking about inspiration from craftwork and all that. And so fascinating to me to hear both of you guys say, very similar things. And then see the totally different ways. You went with it. But that's the thing that stuff it was the blueprint like I would go back. You know, if I. Like a song that is a bass heavy tune. I wanna know where it came from who what inspired that song. And then who inspired that and so on so I can get to the very root because I want to know the arc, you know. So you got to understand like I wasn't just by the way buying and studying these records also collaborating with these people I collaborated with Jack dangers from EPA manifesto. Maybe you don't know who that is. I do I don't know should listeners do but that fucking. Yeah. Google who that guy is? But I did Claverie did with them on an album called are you? Okay. And you know, that guy I've been listening to his stuff early on was totally blown away by him. You know, and you're talking about guys who were probably early inspirations for people like Trent Resonator and things like that. So these are the guys that I was studying listening to early on. And you know, people were pushing boundaries cold cut. You know, whoever it was there's there's there's a handful of people that before, you know, you know, black IP's. Their album, and everyone was like what does this fast dance music? You know, whatever. You know, there was I was selling stuff, and you got understand. It's the same reason that I still play the same tools that I do today is I wanted to be able to go and play in, you know, at a rave, I would bring, you know, four crates records to the crates records would be for the hip hop side room that I'd be doing where I'm just going in doing real scratching mixing and boys there, but then I'd also take two crates and gonna play the big room while I was playing like full on rave shit. You know what I mean, Josh wink, records wherever the fuck. It was break beat at the time and like pushing the boundaries there. So I had already I had already done this raves. I'd already played raise ours immersed in it. So when I started to see the popularity hit. I was finally like well it took fucking long time because Europe had been way the ahead of the curve. So I was happy to see it happen. The thing is I was always taking these songs and trying to hybrid them. I remember scratching over plastic man records. I remember when I played Detroit electronic music festival and finished my. Set. And I was like, hey, guys. I'm gonna throw on this plastic man track that I used to scratch over all the time, and it's long tunes like eight minutes long in its down tempo involves, but you know, I was like we're right across the river from where the guy is made this tune, and when I think of Detroit, and I think of techno think of this and I played it..

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