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Way less likely that you're gonna run into the thing about this stupid game is even if you do so you can still win georgia okay. So because they are so they were happy about the turn out. I looked at that and i. I didn't know what was expected given that you know room. The rune has i think six or seven tables total right so we were concerned. Actually that we'd have overflow into into the room or whatever right it's it's a different envir- it's not. It's not like the wind. Ten k which is going to bring in your. This is a series of events. They're all big buying ends. It brings you know the same kind of clientele is exclusive group for the most part so having like over fifty players for a lot of events or fifty entries was really really good. I think the one that did the best which we were surprised about was the i saw a whole bunch of faces that were not no-limit at us seen all week that just came out for and we had i think sixty five or sixty six about so i was yeah. What was the final table for that it was like elliott lazarus. Thieves like richie. Skylar eric david baker's what years this murder that on david baker came in his ship leader right but the we screwed up the structure and the nolan publicly way too big because they were the same. There were the same. The same blinds. Plus you're posting big by anne and it's an olympic games so this way too big so david. Baker comes as the leader in four hands. We started with no limit. Hold in four hands. He was out. And how did he go out. I jammed the small blind with a pair guide sixes. He called with like ace eight. I one flip. Hey that was early and then you picked up aces against the z. Who had as king and they got it all in and stevie she came out smell like a rose hitting a backdoor flush and poor. David baker had to go to. The real is pretty ugly for him but yeah. It was definitely a throwback like see you know that crew the in the poco if it weren't for if it weren't eric like you would have been the youngest player in that field by i was when we we're four handed i was like i was like wow forty six year old stud so i was mentioning..

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