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Playing a hit it can't be Rollie James well it is and I am and I'm in for G. again tonight and you got me tomorrow night as well and I promise she will be back ready to talk to you on Thursday so over the next couple nights it's just you and me and of course the esquire's big hit top three R. and B. just narrowly missed the top ten on the pop charts the Moore family formed in fifty seven when they were kids originally Betty Moore in the US cars but Betty quit the group in the walking listening to W. A. W. A. in in nineteen sixty six moved to Chicago in addition for Curtis Mayfield who probably turned them down this I'm not sure what he did like but then they went to constellation that folded before ever even got a chance to hear my things then they ran into Bunky Shepard who change their fortunes may nineteen sixty seven magical for them and they were more than a two hit wonder group yeah I get up and get away but so many other good things to affect the the flip of get on up it's just a terrific record listen to me but I digress hopefully will listen to me tonight thanks to producer jasmine we have things to talk about I am in her debt and I'm I'm trying not to completely eviscerate edgy show trying to keep within the format not that I've ever done that before and we will be talking about a number of things in fact around a half hour break we're going to talk about tech gift ideas for moms and I think to myself mom and tech isn't that an oxymoron for most of us well we'll be finding out when we talked to Lisa at SUNY I think that's how we pronounce it will find that out to I looked at this and have this deja vu feeling the last time I remember talking about mother's day gifts on the air was nineteen sixty six and I was in Austin Texas I had this woman on who's that droning on about this and that and I'm paying half a mind of attention to it and then she talks about these purses and one of them I remember had like a seven thousand dollar price tag yeah and I'm thinking never mind automatic transmission for seven grand a what indoor plumbing right and so she just watches on sentiment up finally I said look let mom carry a hefty cinch sack be done with it needless to say no one asked me to talk about mother's day gift since so a few decades later we'll see if I do any better I know that Lisa will also be talking to the owner of the McEnery outdoor drive in and drive ins have really been going the going the way of all of us yes passing into the distance but those that are around have found new found success during the pandemic that's for sure so we'll find out what's got to doing and what else do we have the national museum of Mexican art that's appropriate because this is single the bio indeed yes on on taco Tuesday at Cinco Tamayo and most of us can't go out and celebrate so what else do we we have the better business bureau now they're they're probably busy these days to say the least and for most businesses it's not better but we'll find out about that and a lot more so it'll be an interesting three hours as I fill in for G. and we've got Adam engineering the show so if you like what you're hearing he got it there and if you like the content jasmine did it and other than that all just play some R&B oldies I'm probably James and this is WGN radio though we're apart these days Schering.

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