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Morning as a powerful Category two storm near Alabama's Gulf shores with wind speeds of more than 100 MPH. Nearly half a million homes and businesses have lost power. Robert Kraft is the mayor of Gulf Shores, He says some locals who live on the beach didn't leave. We also have a residential beach and residential beaches are uranium residential e, but you also live in and the folks that live in them. A lot of them didn't lead. And so when water started getting into their own, we have to go rescue. So we had to open up several temporary shelters, and we probably have 50 plus people. In shelters because their homes flooded. Forecasters are also tracking Hurricane teddy as it moves west of the Virgin Islands. Teddy is expected to become a major hurricane by the weekend. In Boston A federal appeals court heard arguments today in a case charging Harvard discriminates against Asian American applicants from member station Bgh Kirk Cara Paisa reports. The plaintiff Students for fair admissions, or S. F F A argued that Harvard engages in racial balancing and intentionally discriminates against Asian American applicants by holding them to higher personality standards as if a phase lead counsel said quote Neither Asian Americans have worse personalities or something is awry. Harvard's lead attorney dismissed that idea, noting that in a three retrial, SF never presented a single application that proved intentional bias at stake in this case is more than four decades of president that, says college officials 10 consider race, among other factors when deciding which students to admit The judge's decision is expected as early as this winter for NPR news. I'm Kirk Oropesa in Boston. Stocks finished mixed on Wall Street. You're listening to NPR news, and this is WNBC in New York. I'm Sean Carlson. Online Orientation kicked off today for New York City's Million plus public school students. Xena's on is a community Education Council member in Brooklyn. She spent the first day helping Bangladeshi parents navigate new usernames and passwords. Can you imagine a person who's not fluent in English? Who's spending a child for the first time? In the system the amount off, you know, confusion they might be facing. Education officials say that's exactly what these orientation days or four iron out any technical snags ahead of the first full day of instruction on Monday, more than 40% of students have chosen to learn exclusively from home and the rest will be learning remotely several days a week. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed.

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