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The oh c t o r bob dot com and we'll have the results of that poll at a later date now we're gonna there are people were on hold over to get to the phone calls of people waiting and then we'll get back into the headlines we're going to be discussing on the show today let's begin with pat calling in from atlantic city new jersey welcome to the doctor bob martin show pat hello hey dr bob my my question every morning per probably about the past year i've been weak and out who like stomach pain um and it it it's almost like a nervous stomach and men who took away there are a hot shower public it's almost according to where you view you know the morning kirk give up but first in the morning rover mikko now i am with fine horta didn't do added without giving pitted showers crook who can mccown mm but bennett thumb m care field day in a row in every day sounds miserable and it's certainly not a good thing to have that on that chronic a basis in often these things can be solved with some simple adjustments pat including finding out if let's say for example it's worse or better depending on what you eat the night before in a lot of people you know will try to gauge that they'll go you know when i eat heavy meals likes steak or pork or beef or a lotta dairy foods before bed i noticed my stomach acts up or is worse than when i don't do that have you seen any change or any relationship or maybe you eat early earlier in the night you're better the next morning as opposed to eating close to going to bed he ever see any relationship changes there not not really now i i purdy go eat a few hours and then a few hours before bed and then uh i used to have a whole avoid every in a written propoer boat but i cut that out uh iit's alviti early have it the other so many different things that it can be i'm always concerned if the body is not able to reconnoitre the situation is not resolving it unsold it's time to get tested to find out what's happening you could be anything from a gastritis just inflammation of the stomach area could be an all sir it could be something else in win problems like this.

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