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Third its own sweat shooter danton righty lefty smith is still end there that boat she had brought in earlier because he knew the cubs only had left on the bench for that eight nine hole that was stella walk by here's where the strategy comes in for ben here's why why ben zobrist is the player that he is tabula stella walk before him on four straight pitches he walked okay banjo comes into play after a mound visit so ben zobrist the veteran he is standing at the plate knowing the ball's going to be over the plate he's gonna get a pitch over the plate a good pitch for him to hit why wait he jumps out and hurt leadsafe pitch that's why ben zobrist is such a good player and that's why the cubs should all bow thebenz overs than actually every single one of them should get hitting tips from ben zobrist because he knows how to move the ball around put the ball in play well me joe's visine for two years joe's there's no reason for joe to talk about offense with the cubs her belt in three or four homers but when they're not doing it you'll always mentions we need our guys move the baseball ben zobrist movers a baseball every time he's up he's hitting to ninety six you can't take him out of the leadoff spot right now he's got to stay there i like you're a catch right there the pitching coach comes out after the forest red balls to let's dal and the paraphrase is throw the blank and blank and zobrist knows knows it going i'm getting a pitch put up three to one and then bryant well there's a strikeout then morris drugs out second third one out let's get a few my runs on on the board solid brian says no problem problem let me out surfing the center sure bruce growing makes five door highlights abc another guy wasn't worried about over swinging or anything else the guys are based just put the ball in play he actually and i pointed this out there's been twice this week in ninth innings of games in the last week that he's had a chance to either driving tying run or something.

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