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With protests against president mccall's reform plants bloomberg's caroline colonel has the latest from paris unions are protesting against the reform of the sncf the state railway with the opening to competition by twenty twenty macos government wants to end the special stages of train workers this socalled shooting currently they have a job for live but also an earlier retirement and more benefits in paris counting kernan bloomberg daybreak europe in egypt abdel fattah sisi has cruised to a second term as president scooping up more than ninety seven percent of valid votes bloomberg's lynn new head has more there was never any doubt that assisi would win a second term after all credible opponents were barred arrested withdrew complaining that the climate was undemocratic with the outcome a foregone conclusion the focus has been on turnout which came in at forty one percent cc has plenty of genuine support from japan's who say he has restored stability critics say the former general has taken egypt back to the sham elections that prevailed before the two thousand eleven uprising in cairo lynn neue hit bloomberg daybreak europe russian president vladimir putin is set to visit turkey where he will take part in a series of talks bloomberg's symon de mccown reports turkish president antoine and his russian counterpart resume patient are expected to focus on bilateral relations as well as regional matters most prominently syria a day later they'll be a trilateral meeting with the participation of iranian president hassan rohani on chris flourishing partnership with moscow and tehran has caused tension with its nato allies especially the us in estan bloomberg daybreak europe benjamin netanyahu has backtracked on a plan to resettle nearly thirty eight thousand african migrants the israeli prime minister has suspended a plan to let about twenty thousand of them to remain in israel only hours after announcing the deal the premier put the plan on hold saying that he would speak with residents of south tel aviv where many of the migrants live global news twenty four hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i'm markus karlsson this is bloomberg markets thanks so much look at the european sports report for that we go to richard newman richard former west brom striker don goodman thinks say permanent successor to departed boss alan pardew needs to be appointed as soon as possible first team coach darren moore's to take charge of.

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