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8 47 100 wlw Sloan's in 906 Doctor Sal Giorgianni as his guest on vaccinations and The ongoing mask battle. I have been talking about this Republican hearing going on today in Columbus, a number of local reps back this whole idea. Idea being that an employer does not have the right to decide whether or not his or her employees should be vaccinated, including those who run hospitals. Hospitals. Should allow their staff to be unvaccinated when dealing with some of the sickest people on the planet. And they think this is a good idea. I don't I mentioned to the cholerae before the break that Corporations have the absolute policies because they have to And if somebody starts a business and maybe you've got a handful of people 23456 people, you're starting your building and getting better. People know each other. They cover for each other. Get along well together, and there's a certain number you hit where that starts to go by the wayside as a business gets bigger. And you mentioned someone. I need you back from lunch on time. Well, she was gone for 17 minutes longer last Wednesday and all that nonsense starts and all of a sudden you have to have the policies. Because then you're going to be accused of preferential treatment. This person over that person. And you have to. I mean It's not just corporations, businesses, companies, whatever of a certain size, you have to start mandating those sorts of things because of all the bickering among your employees. When I said, you know, it's there because employees insist on it. That's kind of what I mean. They won't stop bickering and comparing themselves to their or you cut so such and such a break when that happened. Have some examples. I could use blind enough time. Alright, 8 41 and whether we have them backs mandates John at the point to make from Georgia. What's going on, John? Hey, Michael, How are you? All right, Thank you. A bit of a different perspective on Vaccination mandates. Take your job, for example, Mike, you have to show up on time. You need to make sure you don't say anything stupid with a hot mic. Uh And you have you have an employee manual right? And the company I work for? Mind probably 100 pages of various expectations. I have to live up to to stay employed with this company. And why is a why would anybody look at? Uh, vaccination as anything different? You have to perform your job. You have to do certain things. To stay employed yet I heart media Mike, and if you don't do those, we're not going to keep your job. You can go work somewhere else where you don't have to do those things. I couldn't agree more. I mean, it's reason enough to say we want you vaccinated because we don't want you missing from your position for a month to six weeks while you recover. If you can avoid that we want you coming to work every day from that's not a vacation day or whatever or another sick day from now until the end of your employment. Expecting your people to show up at work and Taking whatever precautions they can take to to do. That is not unreasonable to me. I agree. Yeah. Cause you're a bright man, Jeff. You were John. John. Uh, I'll, uh, take that. Take my word for it. Thanks. Alright, So, yeah. Yeah. Gene. What? Dig? Yes, I'm here. Thank you for having me on. I certainly appreciate it. Well, you called me so at least I could do. Yes, I did. Because I think I have a little. You know, I'm trying to understand fairness and all this crazy world. I just explained it to you. But there is something we need to understand. You can push and push so far that people have to have to have that's required. I have the shot and I'll get the second. The third shot. I think there's a reasonable expert. Explanation there. But can a society pushed so far as it has done in history, and that's where people are a little bit afraid. We can push so far and but its history and you have to understand history and it takes for a while to go to that point. But if the government gets so much power that it has total control, then guess what you have. So you're opposed to this Republican bill because this is the government wanting power. They want the power to tell an employer you can't make your people get vaccinated right now. Right now. Everybody has its total freedom to do as they choose. Republicans want to restrict. Well, let me tell you something. Am I? Republic only because I'm pro life. But at the same time are all Republicans. Perfect. I didn't say they were perfect. Either. You like this idea, or you don't And guess what. You have to be understanding of science, and if you don't, then you don't want to learn as much as science can teach. But in the long when there's all said to also to the power of government and can this can we lose a balance that's necessary to keep Freedom we can. Republicans should stand down this whole idea. And Jean, I thank you for checking in. Did a marvelous job, Jeff and catering. Yes. Hey, what's going on? Big time. Hey, listen, I want to have a some new light to this thing. I don't think I've heard it before. But, um as far as I know, 600,000 people died of this virus right? And, uh, What have you got in your car this morning girl to work said you know what? I'm not gonna put on my safety belt and the cop pulls you over and says Skins along here's your ticket or what have you said? Don't want to drive 70 on around 95. Well, it's against the law. Isn't that just to protect you the same way if you got the virus, and they ordered you to get the virus, what's the deal? It's actually less restrictive because the government's not saying you have to get the shot. It's what they did. Allowed people see it as you're putting something into your body is different than wearing a seatbelt. But there as the vaccine situation stands right now it is less restrictive than wearing a seatbelt. Less respected, restrictive than speeding. The government is not telling you to do. They're encouraging you, but there's no mandate to do one thing or the other. Okay. All I'm saying is that they said yes, you have to. I could kind of see it. That's all that's all. God. I can see that to a degree. That you thank you. See you check our traffic chucks in charge. Yes, I am. What's going on from the You see how tramping center you see how transplant.

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