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Sign is in Burdwan looking to chop league experienced Lucas. Moral Minolta's has been good. I understand the strike. I don't know it's a hard one. I saw hope that it might cause. I don't wish bygone marina bills because I think he's a fantastic track record and career came. The apartment wants to see the firebomb again. Reality of ECON really come back and prove the doubters wrong but the more or less than two Morrissey sides came think it's getting followed full name. The conversation of the top four five. It's very difficult to put an argument at the moment. From what we've seen from Spurs as to why they should be leading the conversation because Manchester United is of course has made the difference because that's made difference. Allston WAS WELL JEFF. Difficult to be Chelsea. Of course are ahead of everyone at the moment spurs a very much. Low down on that list on there. Because what have you seen to inspire you to think? Actually I think marina can really kick the backside of the next couple of months to make a run and getting the bomb coming up. Next League game in Leipzig and then the aforementioned man united in the next few Games Chevy united in the next few games who by the way when they play spells at home completely outplayed them. He was there. But there's there's no sense that Tottenham we're gonNA put together a consistent run of performances and we'll get less and Ali mentioned deflection tactics. He got the biggest deflections deflect. Tonight you ever wanted near dire situation. Well let's talk about the dire situation. Just put it in context with us here in the studio we will just bow to recall the show..

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