Impala, Chicago, President Trump discussed on The Steve Cochran Show


Snow in some areas you were forecast coming up a man armed with a semi automatic weapon is targeting women in the cities buck town neighborhood for robbery chicago police are warning residents that he's already attacked at least three women maxine murray lives there gates now that things like that are going on outside of my home but community alerts been issued the suspect driving a silver four door chevy impala and has been seen with two other suspects inside the car the american civil liberties union is urging the city of chicago to deny 55million subsidy headed for the largest catholic health system and illinois these he'll use this alderman should block the money to presence health because of its antiabortion stance an anti contraceptive policies president's health is the headquarters in chicago the acl use has tax dollars shouldn't go to hospitals that deny care for religious reasons 10014 new police recruits are starting off this morning at the chicago police academy their first day of trading they are the first classic me this year a mayor manual says they're not only a symbol of the departments growth in size but also in its diversity he says 78 of the 10014 recruits are minorities reporting today's sun time says w minority applicants to see petey outnumber white applicants three to one white applicants are still hired at a higher rate than minorities and second world brian hopkins will reportedly support a project to build a pair of residential towers across from holy name cathedral sometimes says the city's decision to address hopkins concerns over traffic congestion one is approval the towers are expected to be as tall as the john hancock center that proposal now moves to.

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