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Well, what happened is that people? Don't take just rations Ishurdi. Ituri? And they're not despair. That that lead dust. The the chip is what kids? Has to be. Answer already ourselves. It's the festive kid be to have teacher, right? Right. Live happens is I choose age happens at home for was would Trump's election, and it's a quite into. It was of crowded just there at -centration vicious toll relations, and and argue whether it's teaching thirsty with the helping professions. They differences the lives of kids to be true story. And so I think it was a wakeup call for everyone that our country could actually become the quite different. Words that that type of democracy for diversity rights of for four failures as as we I think? think it's started like with the women's marches in January seventeenth kind of chlorine close action. That's so what you see it works for Jeju. Oklahoma's over last year. This year is a charter school strike in cargo. The LA strike. Dot kiki. Go for the edge with say what we kid to war would less divorce. We have to actually get the resources that we need. So that kids can't succeed. Stop disparity gossip I big four stops with us. Ed. So what we go. Like, you could only do this together that regular folks don't have any real power alone. Right. That's so whether it's, you know, you know, at the boggy table like walk is your cat has a great contract. Got at the fog cable who actually has a great new contract. But what the work? Tax increases twelve districts of yours three people decided to increase taxes because they do at schools. That's so. At least the part that you. So the first real reasons by heavy do contract about about to go places. Like LA twenty months, though, Though, foggy. foggy station was from house to. Mortared only deal with the teachers say go public schools, and we will go strike to get what was wrong. What have said it turns into the audited the conversation about public education as you? All those years. Get to just I get Texas who had the SEIs offer study surpri regulate up charter school. Yup. And as a people says stop thinking Shorter's at schools that listened ten percent of people go to as the priority of public schools that ninety percent of our kids go to the priority as it takes more that just are pleaded with take us walking to get that does. That's what we're gonna do. Absolutely. I'm Randi Weingarten is with us. The president of the American federation of teachers, and here's the things, obviously, we value our kids those of us who have school age kids. This is a priority for I guess people like Wilbur Ross who doesn't apply to them. So he doesn't give shit, you know, they're more concerned about their own Bank..

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