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The yeah golden the and if the kind of on remarkable movie overall because it seems to have a little newton day for example in the way that may be the treasurer the year para moderate did or eric monster i'm green did about the femur that overcomes a person when they are in matt pursuit of on told record but i am i recommend in the movie because of the told run entertainment value even though i never really played in the highest ride all you keep you keep thinking it's going to go somewhere but it never really does but in the end it never failed to hold you're interested to engage in the performer to matching the conn a with and then like we transformed himself here in the opposite way he did in dallas buyers club he was some a heated and that movie but in gold on you know per where you can in he gives another pretty impressive performance whitt deserve to be painted article korean i'm not you know that that opened has a also here's my question soria though hears the real test him seek yeah by a cadillac you want to talk about the best acting role average matthew mcconnell hey care apparently i heard that can a lot of no excuse me lincoln sales lincoln cells are up thirty percent because of that just because i'm driving that little lincoln around do it is little okay you know yeah yeah but yeah you know knee yeah and he anyone is off their so he's you know he's got that gold or that gold plated love that you're but yeah he and he would have in one of the i think three movie this year you with enough call down oh got i can't remember it was it was the way one i can't remember the name of that but he played a leader of a risk to move the within than how and he was also the void one of the characters in doing so he was he was previously yeah it was the movie that what was that the the show they see did that was the police officer in dallas the one a couple years.

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