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Weirdo he keep bringing up friends. Call during happy hour. Then this is the podcast for you. Welcomed happy hour gets weird so just like a low soothing. Mine is only Jeff Bridges. Actually I love Jeff. Bridges just told me the dude I fucking well. I love that movie like if I could get away with walking down the street with what he his wardrobe in that movie like you wearing a bathrobe constantly having white Russians. Yes I seriously I would it pretty much as the life. There's really nothing much better than not getting dressed in being in kind of drunk all the time. I I just have this deep need to wear bathrobe all the time. cozy right. You feel like people need to wear robes more. We should bring the road back. We should bring the dude look back. Well I feel like people would be happier if they just wore a robe is they would just feel cozy near who is not happy when they're cozy. We're already halfway there. Because we're wearing sweats. Oh I am fully wearing pyjamas. Today I've been wearing stretch pants every episode except for one. I'm one of those people who like I believe in you dress. Nice feel Nice. I mean. That's a super. We're simple way to put it. But I was like to dress put together because I feel put together otherwise I just might my life would totally this faulted shit in just the of disaster. If I dress like the dude my life would be like the Dude I. I couldn't dress like the dude and have a together life life but I get it. I always thought you're supposed to dress for the job you want. I thought you had to wear stretch against a podcast I think so. I think that that's a rule. I think it Israel zero there will now thorough guys. Didn't know this happy hour gets weird. Make them thanks for joining us. Words Awesome Awkward Day. We say I'm Cathy. I'm tiffany and this is our podcast. Have era gets weird word haired we get together for happy hour and we have drinks and we talk about all the weird shit that weird. The people like to talk about this week. We are drinking spiked coffee. ooh Is pretty good. It is pretty good it is pretty good. It has moved cream on top and as always we will post our drink recipe and pictures on instagram. Happy hour gets weird. pod Is there instagram And I like how you were so humble about the whip cream tiffany made the whip cream homemade by the way and it really is delicious. Just I could eat just a whole bowl of this cream. It is a very very good all right well. Now that we've talked about our drinks Amadou Dude. Would we want to get into into it all right of so just a little a little disclaimer. We are talking some pretty lead heavy subjects this week. We're doing true crime episodes. It's going to be a little bit heavier than last week. which was bigfoot pun intended Taller? bigfoot episode was definitely later than this one. Yeah this one's going to be heavy so we decided tiffany and I decided to kind of at the top of the heavier episodes. We're just GONNA start calling them top shelf episodes right Yup not as our warnings if we say it's top shelf episode so that means triggers it. There's going to be all kinds of triggers so this week we had planned on doing a family family when family kills family and we both ended up on true crime cases where the parents harm children so by the accident. I didn't know that we were GonNa both end up picking parents. Yeah we did so. This is just like a trigger warning we are going to be discussing child abuse in graphic detail. Tell so just a little heads up if you are going to be triggered by that. Please stop listening. If you're not going to be triggered like that anyone anyone here about these true crime cases. Please keep listening well. Now that we have our top-shelf warning yeah let's go ahead. You go first. Yeah let's get into it all right so before I start I Actually I have two things. We have new mikes so. We hope that it sells better. Oh yeah one more really stepping it up in the world. Yeah I also wanted to say something that I have meant to say after an episode. We've we did previously A lot out of the episodes we do touch on religion and how we roasted. Oil is in particular roasted analysts's parent. Yeah Yeah I mean I I. I don't know how that came off. I just want to say that I hold the no judgment against any religion or person who has religious beliefs. I hope that none of our episodes come off as like disparaging people of faith. I'd like I know that people that actually know me I wouldn't have to say that too like they would know that I would that I would never judge somebody's you know religious beliefs but it's kind of hard because we're in this weird situation where strangers could be listening adding to us and I just want to make sure that people know that we're not no judging religion or anything like that now unfortunately really a lot of the episodes that we do the people use religion as an excuse or a reason to do horrible things. Yeah and that's GonNa come up in in what I'm about to talk about. Yeah so I felt like I should say something. Yeah you do you really. Yeah as long as you're not hurting anybody yet you. We don't really long if you're hurting. Somebody yelled if you're just you know living life being a good person doing whatever you WanNa do in. Yeah no didn't here. We just happened to be talking about true crime cases that involve people who exploited religion to take advantage of other people in that friends is not okay in my book in any way. No Okay so now that we've done so many disclaimers in you guys are like. What the fuck can you talk about your stories Let's get to it. All right. You go go went okay go pick My sources are CNN. Murder Pedia on medium article by Delaney Marlet and a little bit of the a little bit of the Fresno Bee fifteen years ago. It crime crime shook the city of Fresno California years of horror culminated in a tragedy that still haunts the city today. Discussing the crimes of Marcus. Wesson Insert dramatic sound effect done. That was good. That's exactly what I wanted. So Marcus. Weston was born on August twenty second nineteen forty six. I didn't find that much about his life before adulthood. All that I pretty much found it was which is like it for me. One of the most interesting parts of cases like these people that do shit like I'm always interested to is it was it nature or nurture or both and I think that that's the thing that people are trying to constantly trying to figure out like how much of nature how much pressure because some people can handle so much stuff and some people are like can handle nothing before breaking many frontal lobe head injuries. Before you start. That's true I this guy. I don't know if you had a head injury but I'd like to give them one. Yeah yeah the one thing that everything say was that. He grew up in a religious household with the strict father. Other than that. I don't really know much But I think by all accounts he was a kid. He ended up joining the army and was stationed in Europe up and there was no news. No bad stories about his time in the military after his stint in the army he moved to San Jose in Europe yet he was stationed in Europe. I believe he was editing. I think he was a medic. Maybe Transylvania after a stint in the army moved to San Jose it was nineteen sixty eight in San Jose he moved in with a woman named Rosemary May Tarinah Rosemary always. It's a full circle. Everything is a full everything's connected and Rosemary had an eight year old daughter during this time Western claimed God was speaking came to him. He was in his he was in his mid twenties. This is not going to be good. This is why disclaimer He was in his mid twenties by this time in he and Rosemary had awesome together also soon after living in this household western to begin telling Rosemary's eight year old daughter Elizabeth that she belonged to him and that God wanted them to be married. God Mike already flick fully enraged at I mike two sentences in. I'm Mike I can feel the veins like looking when Elizabeth was fifteen she and West married apparently what her mother's blessing man they were already having sex. I think she might. I have been pregnant when they got married. My what would terrible terrible terrible parents. The the mom was like. Oh God told you okay. We'll chill western. Lesson ended up having ten children with Elizabeth his stepdaughter. Yes so they were because he was never technically married to her mom but yeah the stepdaughter. Yeah okay by porce sweet baby so she was. She had pretty much less than like her entire life like she met him when she was eight. And no this was pretty much all the mom knew to okay Also this is just so like irony in the worst way Elizabeth sister. Her sent her seven children to live in the Western household. Because she couldn't properly care for them. I believe that they were getting molested at her household so she sent them to live with Western. I and Elizabeth Wait Rosemary sister or Elizabeth says Elizabeth Sister Elizabeth is the step daughter Elizabeth daughter Yes Elizabeth. Mary had another daughter. Yes but Elizabeth Elizabeth is Marcus West wife in this whole story okay. Rosemary's out of it. Okay so yeah just like hanging out the living room or she still staying there living there. No I think they like moved out. I believe after they got married so so there. I'm so sorry I I decided to get this straight circuit understand so wesson met rosemary yards. Mary had an eight year old daughter. West wasn't married the eight year old daughter when she was finishing kick Rosemary Rosemary Yes what man. Elizabeth had a sister who sent her seven children to also live with Elizabeth and lesson. Today at Seventeen gives there at one point. Yes yes. Please give monster mutually condone first Brady Bunch. Yeah it's horrible odd Over the next twenty years. Here's the Western family lived in existence of isolation secrecy and horror all at the hands of Western so nominee get into a little bit of just their life. Okay Western never had a job living instead off welfare until much later on when his children could be sent to work and then they would give their money to lessen the large family. And I'M GONNA use the word family but this is not a family. The large family moved from place to place to avoid suspicions. Shin's they lived in a boat for a few years..

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