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This is what book cooked you. I'm Brooke Shelley and thanks for listening this week. I'm having to have Leah Johnson on the PODCAST. Her debut see me in a crown his out on June the second from scholastic. So we talk about a lot about her early reading and Writing Life. And what drove her to kind of switch careers and pursue writing and then what went into her debut. Great Conversation so listening Soliah. What Book Hooked You you? I think that's such an interesting question. Which obviously it's the premise of your podcast. But I don't know that I could put it to one book but I can tell you the exact author that was the one who like brought me into this was like okay. Books are cool like this. Is the thing that people do for fun In that's Margaret Peterson Haddix. Who is in my opinion? An underrated dystopia legend. Like she was doing what? A lot of these girls started Late dots in like nineteen ninety. Nine for why Shoes so incredible. She has a series called a shadow. Children's series starts with this book called among the hidden and it's a world in which she imagines like. What would it look like if there was a totalitarian government that was limiting resources to maintain power and they wouldn't allow you to have more than two children and a family Which is not that absurd. Given given everything that's events going on in our world. It's very Margaret Atwood esque In that way and so I remember reading the first book in that series when I was in fifth grade I wasn't a veracious reader. Before that point I had like come to reading really late Like we always had books in my house and my mom was really an advocate for literacy but I started reading really late I remember being in like second grade and being in the group of kids that got brought out of the classroom during like the language arts portion of the day so that we could get more like specialized attention. I was like I was not locking in. I was not getting it. I wasn't understanding the importance of it And so after I I learned to read. I guess I was like okay. So these words on the page are coming together to make some sort of narrative. Art Sure It still took years for me to buy into it as a tool of recreation and so I had switched schools in fifth grade My parents had just gotten divorced and you we were trying to find our footing and I think that all those things sort of confluence of things that came together that like drew me to this series That had this element of chaos this element of anarchy. And I think something about it. Mirrored what I felt was going on in my life at the time but the series always at the end there is moment of triumph for these kids In so it's likely that I just needed something like that in my life at that moment and so I've read among the hidden and then I read the rest of the book. She did a series like one book a year for like eight years straight And they were all published by scholastic Which who knows. Maybe that also includes I found my way back to scholastic later But I like in the in between those books coming out. She had also put out the stand alone in the years prior that I just devour. Don't you dare read this. Mrs Done? Free like Leaving fishers turn about Running out of time She Martin. Peterson was my girl. Okay I learned the stand by Standing Margaret Peterson headaches. And so yeah. I think I think that's the author in the series that hooked me.

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