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To take this public biko's an awkward spot for him now he still on the team i'm sure that that the coaching staff isn't gonna be thrilled that that they're being secondguessed publicly what what what motivated tom and or you to decide to to make this case in a public forum i want to defend top and this was my choice spoke to todd and tom was okay with it was comfortable in i spoke by oughta and so on i felt at atlanta and i didn't feel that coaches sift the tom with hundreds performance and i would love to sit out watch the fill but will brian go through every in the play and tell me why you've met the thirty one place to show too and it wasn't just i asked independent if hope are you it is too for a tell me why attention who may have to third one place like if he threw to pick six in the first half i yet i understand that you in accurate with the ball i get thirty one place at okay what does he want at this point i know you want an explanation from bill o'brien what is tom savage wall i think he just wanted to be defended i mean i think that's really yesterday so you just two at thirty one place that ain't no leadership has to be i mean it was really just doesn't make sense and took prompt she's taking the high road and i expect i would only expect putter take the high road and he's going to support the shot that support a team and he wants to do what he wants to society he wants to be part of the usaid organisation he loves it down there it's just frustrating an and to be best if thirty one play it just doesn't make sense that we are all the time about leadership we are talking about leadership be an important for quarterback in one thing i learned in the offseason it's on the team to help the quarterback lead and support him don't undermine him make it clear who's in charge and i thought they had made it clear throughout the offseason training camp in the preseason i know does sean got some first team reps in practice which made people say well maybe they are preparing to show.

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