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After that, that was unbelievable. That was awesome. And that is really what it's all about why we're here today. We're coming down to the, the homestretch that conclusion, but I get chance to finish up this morning. And I know many of you came here, and you were going to hear about the patriots and the Rams and you were going to make some people, some of the greatest athletes players coaches in National Football League history, and we've had a chance to do that. But I think we saw something here that kind of tied in with the whole thing of the day, Frank. Right. Talked about. Being behind having your back against the wall being tough unbelievable situations. So you gene Robinson a leader, captain a man selected by his peers as the outstanding man of the year, and then he gets arrested that night a mistake back against the wall, but his coach came in and said, you know what as disappointed as am in you. I forgive you, because I've made mistakes, and I need to pray for myself, and I need that forgiveness and I'm willing to forgive you. And that's the example. That's what Jesus Christ has done for all of us. He came. And he said, you know what I know you've made mistakes but I love you anyway. And I'm willing to lay down my life for you, and all you have to do to take advantage of that and come from thirty five points behind or come from an embarrassing. Situation and come back and say you know what I'm going to be fine because I have people who believe in me. I have the Lord on my side, and even though I made a mistake. It's not the end of the world. Many of you in this room know what that feels like you've experienced that you've experienced the love of Christ, and forgiveness of all of our sends some of you haven't, and that is the reason why I puts on this breakfast. That's the reason why everybody you saw on this stage today was here because they want you to understand what that's all about, and it's very easy to get. It's very easy to get all you have to do is say, you know what Lord, I'm a center, I've made some mistakes, but I want to be right. I want the forgiveness that you Jane Robinson talked about. I want to be able to look back twenty years from now and say, I'm forgiving and then you can do it very simply we're going to close with the very simple prayer for anyone who wants to do it. Just asking God to come in their heart, forgive their sins and lead them to eternal life, and the bible promises that any man anywhere any woman anywhere. Who does that will be accepted into God's kingdom and God's family, Tony Dungy Super Bowl champion coach? He was speaking with Dan Reese, former head coach within Lanta falcons, and two towns. Super Bowl champion with the Dallas Cowboys and his first season as a starter patching home, led the Kansas City Chiefs to an AFC west Chidol and the number one seed in the AFC playoffs. He was named the lease most valuable player and the AFC offensive player of the year Mahomes made headlines out the season for ability to make job dropping plays home became only the second quarterback in league history to have fifty touchdown passes and five thousand ninety seven passing yards during the regular season. Clark hunt chairman and CEO the chief. Talk about the amazing quarterback Clark. I had the privilege like Akbar, set a plan for you guys for a couple of years. And I know that when I was there we were pretty decent team. But not like he said, you guys were so, so close this year. And I know if I missed a kick, and he made kick is a good kick. But if I missed a kick, those were the most painful and so like being so close. What did that feel like you would have hoisted the trophy that's named after your dad? Yeah. Getting to host AFC championship game era. Head was definitely a special moment for our family in our organization, and unfortunately, we did come up just a little bit short which a lot of ways makes it a whole lot tougher to be here this weekend. Because I had a chance to do a lot of interviews and talks, a lot of people. And everybody wants to talk about just how close we were. But truthfully, I feel just blessed by the season that we had, we've got an incredible coaching staff bunch of great players including our quarterback. You mentioned and I've got to think that in the future, we're going to have a chance to get back here and that'll be the goal starting after the super bowl's over and we get into the two thousand nineteen season on Monday. Speaking of that quarterback Patrick Mahomes gunslinger play maker. Unbelievable talent. So much goes into valuating talent you get a guy like that, and you're like we hit the jackpot. Tell us about what it was like watching him. Yeah. Well, we knew last year when he was the backup Tallec Smith that he was going to be special. He was generally running scout team. And so he wasn't getting execute a whole lot of the offense. But periodically our head coach or general manager, which Simi a clip of something he did in practice. And one of the first things was the no look pass. And I was like, white, man. I've never heard of a quarterback doing. No look. Pass man. I know. In basketball you do that. And, and he just while everybody. And so, when we made the decision to go with them as the star this year, we thought he would do a lot of exciting things what we didn't know was what a great leader he would become. So in addition to his incredible play on the field. He is an outstanding young man and today each Twenty-three his teammates really rallied around him. That's a tough thing for young player in the National Football League to become the leader in the locker room. But he just really has the character for that, and we feel very fortunate to have a MS are quarterback. And as I said, hopefully, he can get us to Super Bowl in the near future. Yeah. Like the third guy to have fifty touchdown passes on a few of them were pretty creative. Yeah, it was almost every week, he would do something new that I least had never seen a quarterback do before you think. Okay. We've seen it all at this point. But you know he would throw a ball. To the side or under the pass rushers arms. It was just, you know, it was incredible to watch him. Play Satistics for him to have fifty touchdowns over five thousand yards passing was tremendous. He obviously has a very bright future ahead of you talk a little bit about the culture you have created over the years as ownership. Now, when Susan I played their and our children, there, we felt like grafted into your family. It's like you've created this family values culture that just perpetuates across the entire organization. Well, I had a very good example, to fall in my father when he brought the chiefs to Kansas City in nineteen sixty three he instilled a set of values, which we try to honored today, and we are mission statement, which is in large letters on the wall. When you walk into our trained facility says honored tradition in Spar, our fans unite our community and win with character, and that's a mess. Message that we communicate to everyone in the organization, I speak to the rookies when they come in, and I make sure they understand that's who the Kansas City Chiefs are. And then at the beginning of every season at training camp, I have a chance to reinforce that and we want our guys out giving back in the community. We're so blessed in the National Football League to have this amazing platform, and have a chance to really make a difference in our community. Clark hunt chairman and CEO of the Kansas City Chiefs. If you have questions comments suggestions, at your future, in black America programs, Email us and invade America at K U, T dot ORG, also let us know what radio station. You heard his over remember to lock his own Facebook and follow us on Twitter, the view than opinions expressed on his program. I'm not necessarily those of this station or of the university of Texas Austin. You've been previous programs online at K. U T data. RG until we have the opportunity again, for Texaco with news today with our as I'm John Johansen junior. Thank you for joining us today. Please join us again next week, CD copies of this program are available and maybe purchased by writing in black America CDs. K UT radio three hundred west dean Keaton boulevard, pasta, and Texas, seven eight seven one team. 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