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This then opens up the whole kind of question about the ethics of these drugs because this is a this is this is a home dinger so it's something i talk about with with the students that teaches well we've had big debates around the the ethicality of using of using smart drugs and a lot of people think it's unfair this idea that you can give yourself an advantage by taking a pillow of the students in particular feel very strongly that that's that's unfair but i do that that take that makes love assumptions yet will of think first of all these all by llamas the will of rafter deal with more and more of these drugs inevitably get improved so there's this this is already an array of of a cognitive and hunters which kind of being developed so the you know things are being developed with the idea of and hunting cognition america's you know it's kind of there is an ethical debate on on as to whether that is fair so i guess kind of you know some of the things that viagra minutes that people can of give for the the idea the using these drugs is somehow cheating especially in terms of academic performance i guess these because they basically think for if you produce drug soast so first of all we have to assume the the opponent hunters effective actually lesser essay actually works does some would a using a an effective kagame hunts class is cheating the in in in the runup to to an exam am so the idea is that it somehow creates for so i wrote a paper let's talk about it seemed as creating an uneven playing field am book the the the caveat to that was the issue gms that there was an even playing field to begin with so you know 50 percent of your iq is inherent is a heritable and am generally of the things which can improve your kind of academic performance or e kind of graves in career said tra confirm m home jewish and and things like this so a lot of people may not have heart whom tuition but these are things that can am improves he has thing so these things the am so that already is on an uneven playing field the society generally accepts.

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