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Doctor AT seventy three in Lancaster seventy three eighty your severe weather station newsradio six ten WTVN governor Mike DeWine announced today that the zoo in zoos in Ohio can reopen as soon as June tenth aquariums country clubs and ice skating rinks and much more can also reopen as long as health and safety rules are followed the list also includes movie theaters museums and outdoor playgrounds as the re opening efforts continue covert nineteen continues its slow March around the state nearly five hundred more cases of corona virus confirmed in Ohio in the last twenty four hours pushing the state total above thirty seven thousand four hundred ninety new cases are within the state's twenty one day reporting average same with the forty new deaths reported Ohio's coronavirus death toll now at two thousand three hundred thirty nine people I'm Jack Crowley protests continued for an eight day in downtown Columbus following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis residents of Gahanna gather today at creekside plaza for a show of unity there over the past few days and nights the protests have remained largely peaceful but F. O. P. president Keith Ferrell told our mark blazer he hopes it stays that way important thing is not everyone involved in that is out there to commit a crime they want to protest peacefully and the riders in the people throwing things the police and burning businesses are ruining it for everyone and they're taking away their voice they should be angry at the riders that are doing that because at that point unfortunately for the police we have let's say two thousand people in the street a let's just say five hundred of them decide they're gonna be violent destroy things we while we're taking bottles of rocks in our forces are getting assaulted by bottles and rocks and fireworks we don't have a chance to pick can choose whoever what is the word position we have to clear the streets of everyone because they've ruined it for everyone at that point it is a dangerous situation that we must take control of meanwhile the downtown ten PM curfew does remain in effect again tonight and a memorial service was held this afternoon in Minneapolis for George Floyd and Columbus public health now confirm someone who tested positive for covert nineteen was attending those protests in downtown Columbus the person in question despite being aware they were symptomatic on may twenty seventh still attended the protest on that day the Columbus public health says if you attended on may twenty seventh monitor your health and if you are developing symptoms you can get a free covert nineteen test meanwhile bail has been set now for the man accused of setting fire to a downtown apartment complex over the weekend the man accused of setting fire to a downtown apartment complex that was just about to open is going to be in jail for a while a judge said Derrick Lee's bail at one million dollars in court he admitted to lighting a match but not setting the fire it happened early Sunday morning on Washington Avenue next to topiary park right near the main library and the NHL and the players union are taking another step forward today with their expanded playoff field NHL the NHL Players Association agreed the qualifying round of the twenty four team tournament for their return will be a best of five playoff series all four playoff rounds continuing on as best of sevens last month the NHL announced the expanded feel that was the the top four seed each conference center get bye for the qualifying round but face each other for shot at better seating the NHL still working out details on their return to play deputy commissioner bill Daly says the league right now is still on track for training camps to open in July the league in the NHLPA still need to work out health and safety protocols for where ever there to designated quarantine hub cities will be mad about Sano fox news and Christian music singer Amy Grant is recovering from open heart surgery to correct a condition she has had since birth the doctors say the surgery yesterday could not have gone better and she then the fifty nine year old thanked all of her supporters for their prayers for radio six ten WTVN sport wires seasonals minute in person learning will resume August twenty fifth the good side for Buckeye football outgoing president Michael Drake saying the hope and intention is to have a which you football in the fall state quarterback drew Brees facing backlash after a Yahoo interview in which he was asked after the death of George Floyd if you would understand players taking a knee during the national anthem to protest police said no we would never agree with anyone disrespecting the flag is everything right with our country right now no it's not we still have a long way to go but I think what you do by standing there and showing respect for the flag with your hand over your heart is it shows unity former Buckeyes and saints teammates Michael Thomas and Malcolm Jenkins among the players vocal in their disappointment with Brees medical use radio six ten WTVN this news a service of legacy retirement group I'm Alison Wyant stay connected to Columbus in central Ohio on the hour thirty minutes passed in as news breaks a severe thunderstorm watch does continue until eight o'clock tonight for most of eastern Ohio we'll see some scattered showers and thunderstorms this.

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