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A chance to be a lot of fun several can am joe ghetto both on comedy jam dan soder i believe singing in a rare your appearance <hes> then after that friday and saturday. I'm an omaha the funny bone after that chicago at zanies orlando coming up pretty soon which i'm trying to see. Maybe dave's gonna come down there with me but somebody. I'm gonna bring somebody down there with me off somebody. Maybe dave something there. We go now now. I hope dave i'm going to try to revive asked but i will <hes> but you know we get somebody down there for sure. I hope it stave god willing to stay big j comedy dot com yeah. Let's hear these girls be racist. How yeah also thanks everyone that came out in texas. Those shows were incredible the blast thanks particularly to that waitress. We did a show since we talked about that. Yeah nick here out acute. Ah fuck them. Fuck these women. I don't have no interest. I would literally date her. Make my girlfriend right now gigabytes to begin with the knicks. That's the best part bring back the k._k._k. That's their dads. Are you're watching this. I think i sent her to college and i knew she wouldn't disappoint yeah. She did so good my baby yeah. Is there any follow up story to that video where he didn't happen to them at all. I mean you were taken out of of context. Yeah you listen longer. We explained to the ward next snapchat after that. It's the it's the is what a terrible. The person would say doing an impression of the mean girls that no one sees there. Yeah i mean look when when did we start taking women seriously any comedy contacts racist while drunk do that women. It can be hilarious. Just she's your favorite comic kelly. Shed because my favorite comic. Is that fragile. What is it going to the troops. They're just dumb kids. I the reality i think they should be arrested for terrorist threats slavery. Maybe it should be see what's the brazen nature of people allowing themselves to have. These things like be out there. That's being thinking about it. You're fucking twenty years old thinking just fuck both over and over again. If no one stop came in fingered one it was done by j. You didn't start you like you said before right. You didn't start smoking weed and drinking till you're twenty. You don't understand what it's like to be hammered. That's most your most retarded ever. You'll say shit. If everybody who is eighteen and hammered was filmed you could ruin. Everybody's life that that's just you're going to say he's insane. Luckily when i was eighteen there was no cell phone video. There's none of that. Luckily locker doc fake. Shit frizzes probably thing i guarantee. I've said horrific things when i was a teenager in drunk major thirties before we go on air tonight i've said on the show we say shit worse. I've made terroristic. Threats specific direct threats over the internet a bunch of times and he's do it. When i was like twenty twenty one and it'd be like free speech you can say the focus amendment. I'm pretty sure i know the law so i'm not worried about it and it's like by you know the grace of god go i with these. He's fucking kids but yeah. It's just he added. P people do stupid stupid shit so so <hes> it. It was determined that this video is actually from two thousand seventeen. Oh okay all right election year. Celebrating the alexa the big bucks so many black guys <hes> so there was no actions taken to her on the from the school but she was working at a <hes> seniors in all black. I'm sure the seniors really give a shit about that. She found the impression about us. Yeah she's working at popeye's. She loves her job. She talks like the radio ad girl. She reminds me of the fireside..

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