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No longer internet, j just AJ AJ. How was your weekend player pretty uneventful but I do have something to talk about. It's the greatest TV show of all time was that it's called Steve Austin's broken skull ranch. Have you ever heard of this, Steve? Austin's Stevenson is in stone cold, Steve. Austin, I'm assuming yeah. Then it's broken skull ranch. Yeah, I'll explain. All right with the first part, it's hosted by former WWE wrestler stone cold, Steve Austin, who's actually one of my idols. Wow. From kid until now. I just thought he's like the ultimate bad ass. Okay. Did you know that Houston owner hub, if you ever watched wrestling growing up, I was very minimally involved in the world of, of profession? Wrestling will growing up as a kid me and my dad watched wrestling all the time. Those those like our thing, okay? By me involved. I mean that I barely watched on occasion, like we would catch a wrestlemainia or some shit. You know, really so tight when we were kids, man, like, when you had like the rock and the undertaker stone cold Steve, all I know dude, okay? When I was a really little kid. I loved it. And I was into it. And I used to like a macho man. Randy savage doll. He's another one of my idols. Yeah. But then as I got a little bit older, like I sports like took over for me. And I didn't I just never watched wrestling again. It's not that you can't do both because I know there are a lot of sports guys who love wrestling, just for me. Like, that's the way the, the thing broke. And I for whatever reason never got back into wrestling anyway. Continue fair enough. What really drew me to, to stone cold for one. He's from Texas. He's called the Texas rattlesnake. Yeah. And use the whenever he won a match. He would stand on the turnbuckle and hold his hand out and somebody will throw him a beer. Yeah. And he would just crush it where he'd be to be crushed to. Together dump them into his face. It was the coolest thing ever. Yes. Anyway, he has the show..

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