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On the far side held in by pinching Petrovic, right circle. Petrovic five centers it. It gets intercepted by gore to Girardi for Yanni Gord. Hot potato without to center, ice McDonald. Immediately. Rams it back in. You have to play this book. Pass the stick of Dan Martell. But it is back at center ice. Here's Petrovic turning it to the lightning line and cold sceviour he scales it in the lightning net over nine minutes. Played a scoreless. First Martell gets a long pass from Girardi et cetera. Is it dumps it in Jesus Martell into the right corner. Bartell keeps moving pocket corner for surrogates have right point point. Covert shoots blocked. Rebound again pocket, right circle. Right point, circuit Jeev, keeps it alive for pot cat all work into the far corner passes there, and he does provide a clear out to center ice picking it up is Bucs. Tat bus across the bull. I data enough. He has to wait for left circle shoots right on and a kick. Save made by Vasyl Lasky that was through a screen Sarah the counter for the lightning to center. All delivered a chase. Tony Sara Lee in the left corner gets help from Colin left circle. But quarter, Sara Lee off his stick on a Petrovic. Pope, Jack, you'll find enough who spins it to center Straub and their roles it back in. Ten minutes left in a scoreless. I Petrovic in the far corner. A little pass at the far side blocked by mcdonagh. But it bounces off his stick and comes out to center being wedged up by Barkov Morgan provide support for Barkov who has the puck now for the Panthers. Short feet McDonald, up the middle, etc. Ballgame high slot. It's mccan shooting over the net. Henrik Bork stroke at the left circle. Dumps it by the lightning net, Lauren. They're gone quite some time without a whistle year Cologne in front of his own Ed wing mcdonagh. And now it's twelve and settling things down light near completing a change. Matthew Joseph off the dish to center ice tried to dump it in past Matheson. Good stick for math steals includes to center, but Miller on a counter for headman across the four to lineup point Franks across a stamp right corner. By.

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