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Up with John Morrissey to loosen up a little bit but we still got a pretty busy Dr three downtown for sure I twenty five have the in both directions through downtown specially route six seven your two to five drivers losing a little bit it's still heavy after Parker road but that's getting better and so is that drive out of the check sugar to downtown still heavy from writer ability southbound is still loaded up from university your I. seventy drive is better it's still a little bit slow eastbound around bright Boulevard and that was about drive from two seventy and two seventy is still pretty slow as you make your way eastbound from I twenty five down to York and that was about drive up from pull back boulder Terbaik they clear the crash and McCaslin you're slow from just after Broomfield trying to get past that about that the delay should be using for you at a much better drive tell road is reopened and build a hundred fourth and ninety six this report is funded by your local Ford store all wheel drive is it all you get with the new Ford SUV you'll get all the features that keep you safe all the tech you want all the value you need it's all behind the wheel of a all wheel drive Ford S. U. V. now get a great deal of the perfect issue the only true local Ford stores next update in coming up in just a few minutes on K. way a fifty eight ninety four one FM this is an I heart radio station KGO way eight fifty eight ninety four one the voice of Colorado news time is nine oh one hi Pat water our top story a little light snow is falling in the Denver tech center and that's a hint of what's moving again as the day goes on snow will ramp up as we head later into the evening most of the roads for the drive home will just be wet.

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