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App today or listening to the AP digital news network north and South Korea are planning a groundbreaking ceremony this year to connect their railways and roads the rivals of agreed on several other plans to bring the two nations together and reduce border tensions. They're also talking about sending combined teams to the twenty twenty summer Olympics and making a push Toco host the twenty thirty two summer games. And the two countries will hold Red Cross talks at North Korea's diamond mountain resort in November to set up video conference meetings between ageing relatives separated by the nineteen fifty to nineteen fifty three Korean war and potentially expand face to face reunions between them South Korea's unification minister says it's meaningful that the Korea's are getting faster and reaching agreements as their diplomacy gains traction. Chinese Premier Li Ka-Shing has pledged to open up his country. To Dutch businesses is the way promoting commerce between the trading partners leases. He expects contracts worth ten billion US dollars or eight point six billion euros to be signed between Dutch and Chinese companies during his visit to the Netherlands. He says Beijing did a deal this year to allow a German company to establish a petrochemical plant in a coastal province of southeast China and pledged China will remove for an equity restrictions to Dutch companies as well. The mega millions lottery. Prize has now climbed to an estimated six hundred fifty four million dollars after nearly three months without a winner. The odds of winning the fourth largest jackpot in US history remain at one in three hundred two point five million. The estimated six hundred fifty four million dollar jackpot refers to the annuity option paid out over twenty nine years the cash option which is favoured by nearly all winners is three hundred seventy two million. The next drying is on Tuesday night. Trump and Saudi King. I'm Tim Maguire within AP news. President Trump talked with Saudi Arabia's King salmon today about the disappearance a Saudi journalists and critics Jamal kashogi. Stronger..

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