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I could get to about 45 30 degrees you're waking up to right now. Thanks for taking us along for the ride Topping the news as we head into this Tuesday together. We've been reminding you about this since last week, but it is worth reminding you once again because we could be looking at some serious traffic jams over the next couple of days because of the inauguration. And the celebrations within starting at six this Tuesday morning. Today, the inbound Roosevelt Bridge will close all bound traffic will stay open. No traffic will be allowed into D. C on the 3 95 14th Street bridge traffic leaving the city will be allowed. Inbound traffic will also be closed on the Douglas Bridge, 11 Street Bridge on the suits the bridge. While key Bridge will stay open Access to Whitehurst Freeway or in street in George Tell will be closed. All inbound traffic from the key bridge will make a left turn into Canal Road. MacArthur Boulevard Wtlv traffic reporter Dave Building this morning. It's important for urgent travel near downtown ET to study. The closures carefully be flexible. Have a lot of spare time. Essential employees who normally cross these bridges to get to work are encouraged this morning to get into D. C from the east onto 95 or New York Avenue. See the full list of closers a click away at our website. W t o p dot com. There's been some movement this morning ritual update you on that. In just minutes here on w T, O P and 404 on your Tuesday morning. The FBI is warning law enforcement agencies this morning that far right extremists are apparently plotting to pose as National Guard.

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