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Lionel and local issues under the night sky with dan way the news watch never stops wbz newsradio 1030 the worst of this door may be over hopefully hopefully who have been in it now for now but almost 24 hours uh when i got out of the gym this morning at about one thirty it was starting to rain so we're been in it for twenty two hours and hopefully this is going to start to let up let's see how they did done in maryland tony joins us from maryland tony welcome how are you tonight are you do it just great tony what's have been like in maryland today we here most where it's still pretty risky um it calls up there this eight though both of ninety five north false war the rain will nothing will they closed 94 jaif yet ho ho mom wanted to call the tax scaffold and over early this morning cillian it should the tractortrailers now did they closer to all traffic suggested the clothes now uh that uh what is that adam bridge think it is my deny tony distrust the steelers didn't know about maryland of the baltimore orioles that's the in the rally wants you it we're maybe call seven houses self is closed completely right there uh 40s closed at free it's uh in the ss were head or clothes uh chesapeake it's close last i heard they will let like one of my time but it will restrict sudanese it was just pretty is pretty wendy here insist caused traffic let me ask you this tony.

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