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Yeah. They'll sell gets gifts every single year getting more gives than he could possible us. I promise, Jerry. Do we take him out with Dr rock? We gotta go out and have not done that yet because busy been home. Crazy like that. Crazy. I like looking out with the purple. Yeah. Not a fan. I tell you what we're gonna do it never wished for color blindness mourn. I can't tell you. How how I just wanted to take the morning this first half hour and just be get be silly just thank you for. We'll get into the news when we come back, but it just feels. So, you know, Frankie, we gotta go the street. Like, we gotta talk about the the, you know, the disasters around the world of horror around the world. The different news around the world is just so much noise. So which is good. We take a little half hour in the morning just to get to settle in. Right. You want to hear some good humor. Maybe we can talk about this with John Brown, Nick when he comes on in the nine o'clock hour, apparently the petition to recall governor Murphy has gotten through the firstly. I didn't say that. Now emailed you guys early early on? I said fake news with question Mark, whenever I because when you come on this radio show, we deal with you straight on very honest from the heart very organic and transparent as anyone's going to be on the radio or any media for that matter. So I see a recall with issues starting with the governor of New Jersey. I'm going fake news sent the Frankie fakeness question. Mark, Al Fayed's. Mr. New Jersey fake news question, Mark, you telling me that that could be apparently sore store yesterday. They got the signatures that they needed to pass the first legal hurdle. Now, they have to get it's it's a little bit more difficult. Probably likelihood of him being recalled is going to be next to impossible, but they need to get. I think it's one point three million people to sign this petition to get to get him on a ballot to be recalled to voting. At one point three million signatures behind this would be so much better off organizing behind an opponent right to run against him in Mary or rumor hasn't I don't know if this just is absolutely rumors that Steve Sweeney, the president of the Senate made primary interest, I make primary the governor not in a democratic primary. Listen, let's face it. The governor of the current governor boxed him out when he wanted to go in time. So why not primary him and what different minority leader John Brown? Nick will join us in with he. Ninety nine o'clock nine o'clock. Very funny. We'll have some laughs. But let's go about that as well. Hey, six thirty three with Joe on the radio with green were purple. It's ever. Hear Frankie France. Nice. France flag on New York City. Not even close. Closest friends. Different, but they have three stripes. You don't want church. Did you see me post that? That they put the French league maybe memory because it should the guy. The first pastor of that church. Was he got when he became a priest? He became a priest at Notre Dame. Oh, wow. Nice ver-, very very, hey, Joe on the radio with Frankie and big house. Got the purple news right now live and local on AM nine seventy the answer..

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