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Baltimore at pittsburgh and how the steelers came back to win that monday neider while worried about whether or not ryan shoes year was paralysed that that was pretty remarkable fortunately for pittsburgh they got good news about shoes e released way better news and what all that first looked like it might be the steelers will not have juju smith schuster they will not apps khazir just two players of names begin with asked the ravens up above five hundred now and boy's body what with all those problems running the ball on seattle let's not forget the seahawks had alex college and let him get away ravens are starting to run the ball pretty well jimmy smith getting hurt though that's a potential killer for baltimore they're gonna hope that eric weddel finds a way to rally the troops back there he is showed a little bit of everything of light that he's brought to baltimore since leaving the chargers in free agent feet last week and a safety blitz in the second quarter sack of matthew stafford from the blind side august pop lose ravers in this cover and few plays later they score they go up seventeen nothing secondhalf went out with a pick six returns at forty five yards from hey dirt the big day for a valuable player and they will lead him to step up yet the way of mr rothley's burger to and the ravens need to find a way on the road his game checking in is our number four game of the week number three fear addle add jacksonville two eight two four teams with quarterbacks who are perceived very very differently russell wilson jr is led the seahawks two and other women got a standing ovation when he walked into a restaurant's soon after lake bortles could stand in line for fifteen minutes at your point life and no one would even look up from their car in a assad fun game is one is the gus bradley memorial bolt the current chargers defensive coordinator used the lord over both of these teams who both when a healthy can indeed get it done with their powerful and majestic these thiam when quagmire the the jaguars look.

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